fast weekend....

For the first time in quite some time, we went shopping. We got some basic needs things (shoes, socks) and then it was off for a few fun things. I didn't know there was so much scrapbook stuff for a $1; I was really surprised! We went to Target and they even had those little punch outs that make leaves and what knots for $1. I got a few. Then, we stopped at Jo Ann's fabric (which I have been boycotting for over 2 years...they finally hired different/better people...not ones who actually ate food at the check out!) and found more scrapbook stuff for $1. I got a pack of glitter for Halloween...looks very pretty. I don't know if this is recent or has always been there, but it was fun to get a few things.

I splurged on a witch with an orb that lights up...I couldn't resist her. So enchanting. We stopped at Ollie’s and I got some big yarn (I may be teaching a knitting/crocheting class) and it makes a great hat! I made it last night in 2 hours...and it's knitted! Very easy pattern and fun. I've always made crocheted (round) hats and was delighted to see this worked. Now, I need more big yarn to make another hat for my other gal!

Ollie’s also has a big supply of scrapbook stuff and I got two small albums. I've never really scrap booked but I thought it might be fun to try at least once. I usually use the supplies for my own art/projects.

We also went to the park and got some fun pics of the gals running around. And we stopped at Lowes and I had a photo shoot there too. Great flowers, might as well capture some of it on film with my mini-me's! lol!

I worked all weekend...a few hours in the evening on Saturday and then in the morning on Sunday. I was tired by the end of the day, let me tell you and was REALLY grumpy. What made the day even stranger was when I came home from my Sunday morning client, and Jon had shaved off his goatee! I was really shocked. I told him it was all right but I felt really sad when I saw it was gone. I love his goatee, I guess. He's had it for 6 years, I'm guessing. He sported a beard for a few years then he moved to a, it's gone. I know he can grow it back but I miss it. He thought it looked too white. I guess guys are like that about hair too. Anyway, I felt sad and he looks so different and not himself. He said he might try a mustache but I don't know. Oddly, he looks a bit like Tom Selleck...and I can see his dimples better. I hope I didn't make him feel too bad about shaving it off. I was so tired last night I didn't even make sense to me!

The in-laws are away in Boston for a week helping their son-in-law after he had back surgery. I guess he has crusty bones or something that grow deposits on them. ick. I wonder if this is sort of like gout. Anyway, they've gone over there...I've never been to Boston and who knows how many times they've been there.

My friend, Caroline might be coming over soon. I hope she makes a decision soon and we can do a few things before Winter comes.

My brain is on slow motion right now as I'm still tired. We did so much yesterday...I'm sort of sick of going to stores/parks. Even the park was packed to the gills as there was some company party. This was in Hollidaysburg. The park itself, is nice. But the bathrooms! Disgusting! Why not take some of the money and fix it up really nice (like Shaver's creek, or something). It was awful in there...and all we did was wash our hands! Yuck! There's more attention to flowers then to basic needs...disgusting.

The one good thing about this park is it's right next to a canal/stream. There is a small path by two giant chimneys which leads to the water. For some reason, it always smells stinky when you go through an animal has died or something. But I've never seen anything so I wonder if it's some sort of stink plant. Anyway, we went there and Lydia points to some white things on the ground. She says mom, look mushrooms! We all look but they're not mushrooms; they're baby turtle eggs that have hatched! Can you believe it? It was amazing to see this and to know they made it to the water right below the edge of the shore. Jon identified them and I took pics. Then, I saw some wonderful orange mushrooms growing on a log and got few pics of this. These discoveries really made me feel better and not so Closter phobic (crowded places do this to me...I get grumpy/flustered).

All in all it was a pleasant day, though long. I feel a tad annoyed with my self that I forgot to put more paintings up on eBay but it's not the end of the world. I guess I'm feeling better and these outings are good warm-ups to walks in the wood and hiking.


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