We've all got colds....

So, my sinus infection came back. I'm on antibiotics which has all sorts of effects on you when you're trying to heal. Very annoying.

Both gals are at home; they're sick. We just got the mail (Nelson alerted us...and half the neighborhood) and we got our monthly Funny times. For some reason, the gals love it...looking at the pics (which can be a bit depressing (a melted Earth or some such thing)). They like to ask me about what's happening in the comics, etc. Very sweet...I've got either really bored kids, really advance kids or strange kids. Ah, well...

Yesterday, it seemed we spent an unusual amount of time at the doctors/pharmacy. I had to wait for 20 minutes for a prescription and then we went to the doctors for Norrie and got her a prescription for ear pain from her cold. Then, we crashed at home and Jon was late for the soccer practice meeting and I had to ask the grand-parents to fill in (which they did, wonderfully). Then, Lydia knocked over a full bowl of oatmeal and I went crazy and yelled at everyone. It was all over from the table to the window. I couldn't believe what a mess...so, I cleaned that up. Jon did end up going to the soccer meeting and met up with his folks. They made plans to help get Lydia to practice for us. Thank God.

Then, Jon came home and I was grumpy as hell and ended up falling asleep in bed. I awoke another person but with an aching throat. All day I had sinus pain and the medicine started to help after I fell asleep. Thank goodness. The kids went to bed and about 5 am Lydia woke up and was crying and coughing. So, we gave her medicine and she fell asleep. It was one of those crazy 24 hours...

Right now, I have a headache but am managing. I have to work at 4 pm and I think I'll try to take it easy till then. Jon said he'd come home early too as everyone in his office is sick too.

I don't know if everyone feels this way, but I always seem to have high energy just before I get sick. I'll clean the house, laundry (5-6 loads, carried up 2 flights of stairs) and so on. Then, I usually crash and get sick.

One thing that was sort of funny when I took my nap after all the earlier events. I had a dream about a painting. I dreamt I did a painting and it looked really sweet. I remembered it so well, that I'm going to paint it. I hope it comes out as cute/funny in my dream.


On a side note, I missed the magazine sale at the school. I couldn't believe I missed it by 1 week...talk about having a hard time. But again, it's because of all the changes and being sick.


A day or so ago, I got some wood (2 by 1") to start supporting my flat masonite paintings. I'm excited by this as it gives the piece more dimension and acts more like a traditional canvas. It will make it easier to display work as well.

Also, I finished two paintings a few days ago...but they need to be covered with gloss medium. Then, I'll see where I go from there. All I want to do is get better and start working at a maintainable level. This is one reason why I like doing ACEO's...they're small and don't take too much physical energy to do them.


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