Too much humidity...

Good grief! I had the humidifier going all night and this morning I went down to the basement and found it had stopped. I thought, why did Jon turn this off? And started to get angry and frustrated...that's when I saw the red button. It had shut off as it was FILLED TO THE TOP! I couldn't believe it. I pulled out the draw and it surely was filled to the very top. I guess the hose (which is attached to the side of the machine and pours into a drain is clogged. At least it's working...

So, I did that and feel a bit better. I need to pull in all my artwork I've been doing (resined 3 more paintings today, and started a diptych painting(S). This will be my first one and I'm enjoying it very much.

I need to get some more supplies. Some disposable brushes, latex gloves, stir sticks and what not. I'll see what I can find on freecycle.

Also, I need to figure out a framing system for my canvas. I don't want to do metal as it doesn't feel right to me; I want something more organic in feeling. I wish I had more wood tools but that isn't going to happen any time soon, so I'll have to make do with what I have.

I finally got one batch of paintings scanned. My scanner is acting so temperamental and I have no idea why. It's not like I unplug it or move it around all the time. Do things really break down? Maybe that's it...but I hope it can be fixed.

Anyway, I bet for the day. I feel tired and sluggish from all the heat. It's supposed to rain tonight and I hope it clears some of the warmth. I'm looking forward to working a few hours this weekend. I hope it cools off for all the people in senior care too. It's really hard for them. Oddly, working with most people in senior care isn't so difficult. It's nothing compared to trying to reason with 5 year olds or younger. It's kind of funny. Plus, as long as an older person takes their medicine, they're usually very nice and normal.

I nearly fell asleep just now...but my eldest woke me up. She ran up the steps like a crazed cat. Very cute and funny because she said don't let Norrie follow me. I had a feeling something was up or rather down and asked if Norrie was sleeping. Sure enough, she is.

I also cleaned up the kitchen. Emptied the compost bucket and wiped off the oven. What a joy it was to see that cleaned up. However, I opened up the cover on the oven and was disgusted by all the crumbs under there. Another project, but it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.

Also, I decided I need to make a schedule for cleaning during the week. I'm going to put it up on a big piece of paper and mark off all the things that are done that day. This way, Jon and I will know what needs to be done and one person (ME) won't have to do everything. I felt like divorce was in the air when I realized how much needed to be cleaned/fixed/worked on. But once I thought about it and have decided to do something about it, I felt better....However, I'll feel even better if this works. I can stick to lists, but Jon is a different story.

Lydia has her 1st school birthday party, tomorrow. I could hardly believe they gave out B-day invitations on the 1st day, but I guess some people are used to schools. I feel like I'm trying to stay afloat and wishing I was back on the shoreline. Some people amaze me.

I went to the Family Dollar store today. I was looking for cheap cleaning supplies and got some good deals. I was lecturing on how we should not buy things wily nilly esp. if it's from China. I ended up with two toys from China and a wooden shelf set that was "As is" made from China. It stinks, literally. Something about the paint used makes it stink. So, I need to test this for lead and then I'll put this together and paint it (to be safe). and my "bargains". I just did the lead test and it's not lead! YEah!!Phew!!

I also need to start being strict on hats/sun block as I saw a poor man after he had part of his nose removed. It was full of cancer, apparently. It looked like he was shot in the nose...very disturbing photos (on flickr). Fortunately, he was all right and is recovering. This reminds me of my college professor in theater arts. Every year, as a young man, he'd work in the fields as a farm hand. This exposure to the sun took its toile and he (every 3 or so years) has to have about 2 layers of skin removed from his nose and face. I can't imagine this, but he would get it done. He didn't feel too disgusted by this and would still show up to school...wiping his bloody nose like it was covered in sweat. Awful...and a good lesson to wear hats/sun block and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

I'm going to give Lydia's school sun block to apply before she goes out in the sun. It freaks me out that she's out there so much. When I was at my dermatologist there was a poster that said most people permanently damage their skin before the age of 18 years old. This would explain a lot of women/men around here that look 60 or older when they're only 35 or 40. Scary. Wrinkles are caused by too much sun/tanning. Not to gloat, but I was pleased to hear my dermatologists say I had pretty good skin. I think it was because I just didn't tan at all in my 20's and didn't really like the sun's full blast when I was young. My parents were pretty smart about this. They'd often take us to the beach just before sunset...the best time to go as you're not getting all the sun rays and you get to see a beautiful site. I remember going to the beach once in college in mid-day and was so surprised at how flat and washed out everything was. Now, I know why!

Maybe I'll get some nice umbrellas too...I hope the styles change and bring back the parasol. These are great things...and those 1940's hats for men. I love that look.

I hope Lydia's gym clothes arrive soon as I don't know what she'll wear for Tuesday. I'm nervous about this as we got a form to fill out and I turned it in the very same day. We shall see...

Personally, I can't wait for the hoagie sell at the school. I love hoagies and only wish I could freeze them. Fortunately, they are sold thru out the year. would be nice to do that...

I must admit, once I get over the fear of driving to a new place, I've been meeting some great people at my new job. Certainly, it's very difficult being ill or feeling like you aren't who you used to be. But on the whole, I feel comforted to know there are places/people/aid for when you get older. People don't have to be left somewhere to suffer and there are lots of good people who will help you. Also, I notice the ones who seem happiest are the ones that get out and do stuff like playing cards, going to a show or just going to the senior center to chat. It does surprise me that most people don't seem to have family to help them. But I guess this is to be expected as well if you’re past a certain age. I also wonder if people just are nicer to new people and a little bit meaner/too comfortable with family. Maybe distance isn't so bad in this case. Still, you hope that most people are happy and won't feel left behind. I think this is the key to anyone's life, regardless of our condition/life mark; finding what makes you happy and feeling you’re part of the bigger picture.


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