During these strange times, I've often felt a drift and frightened. I look around me and often, I'll see a calm bit of world with a few, very few problems. There is economic depression, but we still manage to carry on. There is very minor problems when you think about it...or at the least, places to go and get aid for problems that do seem overwhelming. However, what do you do when you feel so sad about something that feels so beyond you? I'm talking about a war. A war in another part of the world where there is no sense of calm, no running water or even basic medicine for your child, let alone a peaceful quiet. I think about these things and I feel so lost and just sad. However, every now and then my sorrow is punctured by the voice of reason and hope. Such people who do this for me are Michael Moore, Sister Joan Chittister and past contemporaries such as Molly Ivins. I feel a breath of truth sweep inside me like no other.

Tonight I read a moving column by Sister Joan Chittister. I hope you will read it, play the music video and know that you are not alone in how you feel. What moved me most was the realization that we can't put our hope in the system of checks and balances, in the thought/idea/concept of justice if there is no action.


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