mind over mind

Apparently, my husband Jon had a panic attack before he could get on the plane. I didn't realize he had such feelings about flying. I got a call at 7:20 am and was surprised to hear Jon's voice. I thought he was calling me from the plane but as it turns out he was still at the airport and sick. After he calmed down, we made a plan and he would rest and then come home. I felt so sorry for him and worried. He looked horrible when he came home and he felt miserable. He wanted to go to Los Angeles so badly. This was the first time he was going to go on an airplane ride, alone and it took it's course. It didn't help that he's got a bad cold and is feeling miserable from this.

So, he's in PA and I am secretly glad he's still here. I was feeling a tad nervous about it too. I also know the next time he travels, we'll be going together (and I'll make sure he has his medication for relaxing a good hour before we board the plane). I have to smile as he reminds me of the TV character, Mr. T from the show "The A-Team". I loved that show as a kid and must say, it was a bit endearing to see Mr. T refuse to get on the plane. That is my Jon, apparently. Everyone has a limit...for me I don't like shots and will faint if people rush me. So, I tell then nurse and let them know I need to lay down. Nobody wants to deal with a six foot tall woman falling to the ground. Believe me, it's not pretty (or safe for you).

Anyway, I hope he'll be able to see the humor of it all tomorrow. Today he's too emotional and upset (and ashamed). He really wanted to see his friend and he said, this would have happened even on trip to Hawaii. I know this, but for some reason he's feeling guilty. I wish there was some way, I could make him know it's not his fault. Mind over matter...mind over mind; doesn't this cancel the other out? I think so...when the body if filled with such fight or flight chemicals, rationality flies out the window.

Ah, well...Next time, he'll have me to help him.


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