it's 3:30 am and I'm up...

Yesterday, I had packed all of my daughters things that, apparently, I had neglected to pack. I received two HIGHLIGHTED letters from her teacher without any verbal explanation in regards to what was needed for my gal. I even talked to this teacher and she said, everything's fine...the kid just needs to adjust. blah, blah, blah. I realize, over the weekend, that my child, needed a blanket for naps and snacks. The teacher said nothing.

Today, my daughter comes home and says lunches are supposed to be in paper sacks or lunch boxes. I look at her and I'm wondering, did she eat a cafeteria lunch? I put her SNACK in a brown bag. I'm flabbergasted and getting very annoyed at this teacher. Did my daughter eat a lunch? I don't know. She's afraid I'll be upset and won't tell me now. If she didn't have a lunch (which we paid for and I suspect/hope is the case), I'm ready to try a different teacher. What in the world is wrong with this person? And why is she a teacher? Communication and not letting the parent be left wondering and feeling like a failure because you expect them to read massive notes/papers the first week is key.

I've never seen someone so anal for a teacher and esp. for Kindergartners. I can see why parents would want to take their children out of this class or get someone else to teach. I also notice my daughter seems sadder, lately. Not her cheerful self. This makes me very upset. School, esp. for the wee ones, shouldn't be a pain in the A**. I really thought the purpose was to be "Christ based" and not "my rules as a teacher, or no lunch" based.

Jon says he's going to call but I'd like to talk to the principal about all of this. I've got some strange sickening feeling about this teacher...rigidity, inflexibility and ignorance do not a good teacher make. Compassion, kindness, understanding and most of all love, make a good teacher in my book. I should have followed my gut when I volunteered the first day of school. I saw Lydia's teacher off sitting at the teacher table and the other kindergartener teacher sitting right next to my daughter. This makes an impression on a person and the impression is, I want the one who will sit with the kids and not be off sitting with her pals like a gaggle of turkeys strutting their feathers. It's icky and very unloving.

So, I'm saddly typing this at nearly 4 am while having a mint tea to calm my upset tummy. Yes, I get upset when my child is afraid to tell me she didn't have a warm lunch because her teacher has some problems about rules. I wonder if the principal has email...I communicate much better, I think in letters. I don't get as flustered, angry...usually. :)

I feel a bit better with this plan. I just hope it was a mistake and not a crazy teacher. I guess I feel like I'm hitting a little hypocrisy...why do I believe things are going to be any better than I ever thought just because a place says they're religious? I don't and I'm glad I got a chance to think about this. Sorry for clogging the blog waves with my fears.


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