Humid evening...

We had some strange weather today...coldish and sort of damp. This burned away to heat that kept building up till after 4pm. I felt really out of it (medication for the sinus stuff) and fell asleep. Plus, we did a lot of driving, doctors appointments (Jon's knee/cold) and went to an Amish Farm in Kettle. It was really a nice drive up there and I got 10 Italian sweet peppers as I'm going to try and fry them up with onions. I learned this from one of my clients...she's done this for years and it's a very tasty addition to a sandwich. It's very Italian, apparently. It keeps for quite some time as well and can be frozen in little containers (which I plan on doing). It's funny how, when you work with older people, you start to pick up on certain parts examples/ideas.

Today was Lydia's first soccer game/practice. For the first time, I think she did very well. Other kids had already played before (had leg protectors, etc) and I guess I'll have to do something like that too. She was so sweet running around and I could tell she was happy. She didn't hold back either as she was right in the mix.

I started to think about when I was in grade school and would be the only girl on the kick ball team. Being tall, I felt more inclined to play kickball with the boys rather than "Chinese" jump rope (it was a rope made of rubber bands and the girls would play this...I was way too awkward at this and was at a disadvantage as I'd get easily tangled in the ropes. I had a blast with kick ball, however.

There are only 3 girls (including my gal) on the soccer team. She's thrilled to do this as for the past two years she's seen bunches of kids playing soccer and now it's her turn. Norrie is prepping for next year. She would love to play right now. I need to get some soccer balls to practice with. Heck, I want to play! :)

Nelson had a good time, got loads of attention/walkies. Grandpa/ma came out and had fun too...grandma had to hold grandpa back from running in there and coaching! That was cute.

Oh, I also got my hair cut today. It's funny, but it's nearly a year since my last cut. I couldn't believe it! I need to do this more often. I started to dread I had it cut too short but by the time we were heading home, I wished I had it trimmed to half an inch...I was dying from the heat/humidity! Good grief.

I was the only parent taking snaps of the kids (I do think one mom had a camera phone). Most where sort of like, yeah, go _____! You did it!" But some decided this was the time to get their exercise in...I thought that was a bit much. Too type-A for me. Also, who the heck wants to walk in humidity?!? I'd rather get up early and walk then use my kids time. Geesh!

I must be getting better as I'm feeling better and not so down. Having a nap helps too.


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