Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cold days...

It's a cold day here in PA! The dew is heavy on the car windows and it feels like Fall, at last. Or silently, Oh no, if you don't like snow/cold. I'm still debating whether or not I like snow. I don't think anyone likes the cold, that much. I guess as long as you've got a down coat and your cold weather gear, it's all right. Still, I must say I wish I could bottle steamy, humid days and release them on a 10 degree morning. Sigh...

We had a late start today. Actually, I got up right on time. So did Lydia. Norrie seemed to refuse to get up...her time clock seems geared towards hibernation with all this cool air. Cute but tiring for me (I have to carry her more which is no easy task). Lydia didn't want to go to school because she thought today was Friday (teacher conference or some such thing) and we have some plans (library and a sundae). Then, when we were about to leave, Lydia tried to help clean up and ended up pouring chocolate milk all over her jumper/socks. So, I was rushing around like a mad woman which doesn't help to keep kids calm. I can be a bit gruff (to say the least) and need to work on that. Poor kid started crying and I tried to rush down the steps only to add to her upset feeling because she thought she was going to fall down the steps. I felt bad and she started to cry more. So, finally after many hugs, and calming her down (and my self) as well as saying it's all right not to have your sweater (which was at school), we left. I'm going to let her wear a warmer jacket as it's too cold to wander about with a sweater and no tights (which I need to get too).

Also, I feel bad for ranting about her teacher at school. I found out she was getting over a cold and didn't feel so hot either. So, now I know everyone was having a hard 1st week...sometimes, I can be so egocentric. I'm going to try and calm down and not rush to conclusions/fears.

In other news, my friend Caroline may be coming out soon to spend some time with us. I'm so thrilled though, thankfully, she told me her husband has a things about germs/messiness. This explains quite a bit and I feel much more at ease...although, this means I'm going to have to clean a bit more. I wish I could splurge on a bunch of baskets and containers...maybe, I should have a yard sale and clear up space this way. Or else another Salvation army drop. You'd think with all the stuff I've given away I'd have a lot of room, but nope. Of course, it doesn't help that I find stuff I've stuck away for another day. But at least I'm seeing the bottom of the floor. I notice there is more and more space now.

We got a free wooden shelf from Craig list. This is a really cool shelf as it's made with the wood from a 180 year old carriage house. I believe the wood is chestnut and very rough/unfinished but so strong. Amazing. This is going to be for the garage and then I can really roll in there. Jon needs to put it back together as I have no idea how to put it back again.

I'm going to look for yak tracks for the gals as I know this would help them out too. These are the best for protecting you from slippy ice on walks. I highly recommend them. If I could afford it, I'd get them for all the elderly clients I work for. This would give such ease to them, I know...actually, it's good for everyone. Just don't walk in the house with them and esp. not on linoleum/tiles as you'll fall on your butt.

I can hardly believe it's Fall, again. I'm so glad it was hot/humid for the first 3 weeks of school. Yes, I complained like crazy and it was a pain but I think it wasn't so bad. I guess I'm worried about the heating bill and cleaning out the furnace/filters. You would not believe the stuff you have to do in the East for Winter. I bemoan all the spoiled days I had in California... The worst thing you had to do was wear a slightly thicker coat with a pretty scarf and maybe mittens. Here it's double thick winter gloves, thick down coat, thermal underwear (or the thinner silky kind), hat, THICK scarf and yak tracks. I might take it an extra step and get ear warmers as well. I have some cheap ones but they slide off my big head.

One great book I read this summer was Laura Ingalls Wilder's "These Happy Golden Years". This is a great primer for cold weather; the joys and pains/aches of it all. It's so true about being so cold you can hardly get out of the bed and can feel the cold press you down again. We're planning to insulate the walls in the house, so maybe we won't be that cold for long. Hopefully...

I want to get the whole series of Little House. I didn't realize what a great book it interesting, simple yet full of real truths. I'm going to have to reread Anne of Green Gables series to see if they're still as good as I remember as well. Also, I want to compare them a bit. I've read most of L. M. Montgomery's books...a few I missed and would like to read.

I noticed I have to clean out some of the basement for shelf space. There is an old metal dollhouse of mine I'd like to pull out, clean up and make useable for the gals or just for me. I actually found (about 3 years ago) at a flea market most of the doll house family/furniture. It's one of those 1950's style dollhouses. I got it for Christmas one year and wish I had taken better care of it. I do have fond memories of that dollhouse...I would let my albino guinea pig, Strawberry, climb around in there. What fun memories! I used to climb the grapefruit tree in the backyard and hoist Strawberry up in a yellow sewing basket (it came with the little sewing machine my mom got me for another Christmas) and pull her up to the roof. We'd sit there and played. I probably made my parents have more wrinkles, then I realized...

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