3:30 pm

This is the dreaded time when I feel so tired, I just want to curl up on a nice soft fluffy bed and the scent of coffee and vanilla wafting in the air. But do I get this? Nope...it's usually chatter, cries, stinky cat box smells, a growling Mr. Nelson and me feeling achy and flustered. Today isn't too bad but I feel annoyed because Nelson got into the trash three times (Jon believes you don't have to empty a trash if it's not to the brim...YEAH, RIGHT!). So, I emptied this, cleaned up the floor, hand washed the stinky floor (3 or 4 times), picked up the girls room (so they could actually play in there), plooped down on a messy bed and lay there for about 10 minutes. I couldn't really rest as I have to go to work at 4:30 pm. This means getting the kids ready to go to Grandpa/ma's, get myself ready and drive to work. It's only for 3 hours but when you feel tired, hot and blah, it's not what you want to do. To add to this, is I can't find my collage books I made for this group I'm in. I feel worse as it's me who started this group and now, I can't find my part of the collage. I feel frustrated and short tempered.

I did get a lot of things done today, however. It was a very foggy day and I was not about to walk to school in this. After we dropped my eldest off, we drove to the market, recycled grocery bags (3 huge ones), went shopping, came home and ate, played in the sprinklers, did 3 new paintings and I got to resin one painting. I do feel satisfied in this regard. I usually start feeling really frustrated if I don't get art time. It's funny how important this is to me...I just feel so annoyed and angry if I don't have time to paint or make a mess. lol!

So, that was my day. Oh, and to top it off when I went to get Lydia today from school, I hit my head so hard on the car door frame, I saw stars and cried/cussed under my breath. I think there was some blood but I can't tell as it's all swollen up there. Sometimes it's really a pain to be tall...

Now, I will go and make some coffee (with vanilla creamer), drink this slowly, take a few Motrin and try, try to find the collage books I made. Then, I will take the kids up to grandparents and be off to work. I look forward to a calmer day tomorrow, though I really hope I do more artwork.

I got a call back from Recycled paper greetings and they are (hopefully) going to finish up reviewing my art and I will get it back. At this point, if something gets chosen, fine. If not, I'm definitetly fine with this. All I want is my work to come home and try selling it at the gallery or at a different card place. I feel a bit better about this. I need to really take my advice and COMMUNICATE more.

One good thing is my hearing is coming back. My ears are clearing up from the cold and I'm on the up. Thank all that is Good! :)


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