A walk will do you good...

It's true. When stress beats at the door, go for a walk. And if you're just feeling blah, a little nap is a good thing too. I did both today. We went to the post and dropped off a few packages and then, much to my surprise, found out it's Farmer's Market day! So, I went over there with the kids and it was packed. A bit too much for me as I do not like crowds. This with having two kids and a dog (who got so much attention it was like he was a super star or something), makes me feel a bit cranky. But as soon as we got our nectarines and a cabbage, we had more space to breath. The Farmer's market is right by a retirement building and there are a lot of elderly who come over and get fresh foods. I wish there was a little shop (there used to be) in downtown, as I know it's very hard for them in the winter. Also, a lot of them were using some sort of food stamp/aid for payment. I felt sorry for these people who have lived so long and need this or else have nothing.

We walked around after that and Nelson seemed all right but may have gotten a bit of heat stroke. This might be from Sunday as well. We went to the Jaffa flea market and it was stingingly hot. People kept offering him water and I wonder if he got something from this or the heat. Still, I need to remember to bring him a little bowl/water bottle. Poor guy. He's sitting under my chair, just all droopy. If he doesn't clear up, I'll see a vet.

My rat, Daisy, is still hanging on. I started to feel like she might leave us this morning but she's taking bits of water/food. I just wish she'd get better but I know this is a lot to ask a pet that lives for such a short time. Still, depressing none-the-less.

I've been giving Odie free range lately. He'll come out and tweet, flutter his wings and watch me do the dishes or what not. I have to say, it makes me feel good to see him watching me and being social. I worry about him sometimes. I just don't want him to be lonely. Plus, I get a bit jealous seeing other people and their cockatiels going for walks and just hanging out.

It's funny. I got a beautiful cabbage at the farmer's market and Jon brought another one home from work. One of his co-workers grew these red cabbages and was sharing. I love that! I should look for more zucchini...Also, I apparently planted cucumbers and they're growing everywhere. I thought they were some prickle monster but they are definitely cucumbers. I'm going to have to find this one Bulgarian recipe that takes cucumbers, plain yogurt and a bit of salt or seasoning for flavor. I think I have to add mint leaves too...yummy!! This is such a nice summer dish. It can be a little soup like but it's got to be cold. Love this! My cousin Blagavesta made this for us one year.


In other news, my Photoshop is acting crazy and I can't scan any work! I'm going to have Jon look at it as I'm stumped and I need to scan things.

I started to feel a bit depressed in regards to eBay. It just seemed like I'm not doing as good as I'd like to be...but maybe things will turn around. I did try some new things and I need to remember that it takes time to build a base with new works.

I also have to start building my pit kiln but I'm nervous about zones/smoke. I know it would be safe and since it would be in the ground and lined with bricks, this would be more of a bar-b-que type pit. We're not allowed to do burn barrels and this would not be that. I guess I need to just select a spot and make sure it's either in the fence or on the outside (depending on safety, kids and pets). It's just frustrating when I think about all the work involved and time. I guess since Fall is nearly hear, I know Winter is right around the corner. Thus, all the dry/warm days will be few and so will baking clay. We shall see. Another part of me is afraid that I've lost all my clay making skills and I'll pop a pot in the pit kiln thus alerting my neighbors and freaking everyone out. I've never popped any of my clay things before but I had the perfect working conditions at the studio in college. So, this shtinks.

I wish I had ice cream. I know I'll feel better come Saturday...


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