Using your voice...

Jon helped me clean up the basement...actually, he mopped it all for me. All I had to do was ask. Funny how these things fester in my mind and all it took was a simple "Can you help me?"

Also, I had a brief episode with a nieghbor...he trimmed my side bushes (the other bushes were trimmed by another neighbor). I sort of wonder why people do this. I surely wouldn't go around trimming peoples hedges...esp. without asking. I came home from the local flea market to find all my hedges trimmed. Very strange but after a burst of anger/swearing I went out and asked the neighbor what this was all about. Basically, he was just being kind. So, I'm left feeling confused and a tad annoyed. So, I give up on the side bushes. I've got a bigger yard to worry about and if people want to trim them so badly, then let them. My other thought was, maybe he saw me fall when I was trimming them (about 2 months ago) and felt bad for me. Oh, well... I do not need to be angry/control freakish about this.

The good thing is I've learned about a new neighbor, my world is expanding and I'm letting go of trying to control everything. It's hard to do but it's doable. And geesh, I really need to stop getting so angry. Instead, I'm going say, it was a blessing for them to trim the bushes. Maybe they did need a trim.

Another rat is ill. She's the one that's about 2 years old, I believe. I feel bad but at least with this one, she's older. I don't feel too horrible about it. I'd prefer she'd be healthy and now that I put her by herself, maybe she'll do better too. Rats have a tendecny to be too attentive to an ill rat by over grooming.


We went to Shaver's Creek this weekend. It was a relief to get away from the house after being so house bound w/ the rain. I also learned they got some rain but not as much as we did. But I'm glad they got some rain.


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