tomorrow will be better...

my basement flooded. It flooded from the outer wall to the complete other side of the inner wall. This is about 60 something feet or more. I could not believe it as I checked the dang basement less than two hours ago and then, Jon goes down and it's flooded! I was SO angry/upset. Most of my art supplies are down there. I thought for sure, I'd be safe but not so. I had to empty 3 boxes/4 paper bags. Fortuantely, 98% of my stuff is safe/off the ground. I was going to clean out anyway, but who wants to do it because of something like this. I started to freak out and was scared about electrical stuff and so on, but all was all right. The dehumidifier is going and should help dry things out, so I don't have to worry about molds. Still, I'm cleaning it all with clorox bleach for floors. Sigh...Plus, I'm tired as I painted the closet in my eldest's room.

I don't even want to think about what I need to do tomorrow. All I know is, I'm out of motrin.

I have visions of throwing half of my stuff in the garbage...another purge, may be due. I guess I'm tired and angry. But, I really do need to take a few things to the salvation army/freecycle.

I feel tired. This is the first time, I think, since I've lived in PA where there has been 4 major thunder storms with massive flooding in our basement (not counting the time the drain was closed and there was 5 inches of water with the litter boxes floating around. Simone (my gray cat) was really confused about that one!) and actually had the power go out 8 or so times. Actually, this was the first power outage we've really had.

Jon checked on his folks house (as they are out of town) and their basement wasn't so hot either...But they've got less junk than us, so it's easy to clean. Well, now so is mine. I guess a good rule of thumb is if you put off purging your home, something else will purge for you.


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