Friday, August 31, 2007

things about me

you probably didn't know:
1. I have a mushroom log kit. Actually, it's Jon's but I like it too. The package said it takes NINE months to grow a mushroom. Jon started it about 2 weeks ago and guess what?!? There is a turkey tail mushroom on it already. I could hardly believe it. I'll take pics tomorrow. It surely has been hot/humid enough for turkey tail mushrooms! (actually, I just looked and there are about 11).

2. I just got 200 romance novels for free from freecycle (plus, a six man tent and covered type outdoor tent thingy). There could be a strange twisted story here or maybe a simple one of a person selling books under a protective tent?? Anyway, I'm in awe of the books...

3. I can catch moths with my hands in one swoop. I've always seemed to do this rather well to my disgust.

Other than that, I'm pretty normal, I guess...

Anyway, today went well. I had a two hour client meeting and I brought the guitar. He seemed happy to see it and I played while we sat outside. I hope it made him feel good. I felt bad I didn't play better and couldn't do very much in the way of chords. Plus, my voice is so dry all the time from my allergies. But otherwise, I think it went well. I hope I did enough to help his wife out. I wish I could do more.

We officially finished the 1st week of school. Much to my chagrin, the teacher highlighted a paper handed back to me. Apparently, I forgot to read about the snacks. I was supposed to pack a snack and didn't realize this until the last day of the week. I'm like, why didn't the teacher just tell me? Why did she assume I'm going to read that on the paper? I'm annoyed as word of mouth is a bit better then outlined papers...and my sweetheart had to suffer all week because I DIDN'T KNOW!! ARGH! I feel so annoyed about this. When I talked to the teacher, she just mentioned Lydia adjusting and nothing more. ARGH! Who cares about adjusting if your kid is hungry? Plus, a kid in her class had to share their snack as well...oh, the humiliation...

So, we'll have to give the kid who shared a thank you note/extra treat. I should write the teacher a note and ask her why she didn't just tell me with her mouth. I feel like she's got strange priorities and not very caring of the kids/parents. ANNOYING!! I may just write a letter to the principal too...

Anyway, besides feeling like I starved my daughter at school, things are okay. I have a doctors appointment for my cold/ear tomorrow.

I'm starting to realize how very important good communication is. I need to remember this in my life and not slack on this.

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