Nothing like a cold

to slow you down. I have one and now, I'm tuckered out. I think I got it from driving around in this wet damp weather and exhausting myself. I thought it was allergies but I guess it was a cold. Lydia is under the weather and I think Norrie is feeling icky as well.

I drove to Roaring Springs for the first time. I didn't realize how much farther away it was then I thought. For some reason, I thought it was closer. I guess every place seems further away until you're used to it but this one seemed esp. far because A. I've never driven there B. I drove thru 3 thunder storms (I could actually feel the hair on my arms rise and the smell of electricity zoom in the air) and C. I was getting sick. So, I think I survived pretty well...I would have liked it better if I didn't have to drive in near darkness from the storm and watching the lighting flash just in front of me. But I learned how to drive to a new place and that is a good thing.

Anyway, I feel tired and want to go back to bed. I don't know how the woman I'm tending to, feels about me. She seemed tired after all was said and done.


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