New work on eBay!

Tonight at 7:30pm (PST), I'll have several new listings. Here's what a few look like!


Christina said…
Hi Emily,

I am a mother of three from Altoona and I just wanted to say that your work is great. I saw that you sell it on ebay. How does that go for you? I really enjoyed your site and your faithfulness to blogging. Your carrots are awesome too. I have never had success growing carrots in this neck of the woods. I think my soil has had too many rocks. On a different note, my husband and I work started a community website
We are launching a page for people who are artists and craftsmen in Altoona. I was also wondering if there is anything you would be interested in seeing on such a page? Take care. Your work is great!
Emily said…
Hi Christina,
It's great to hear/read about another person from Altoona! :) I'm glad you like my work.

Ebay's going pretty good at the moment...must be Autumn in the air.

It's kind of funny about the carrot. This is the only one from the garden...and it was from last year (survived the winter for some reason). I saw it there and let it grow. Our garden is in a raised bed and I got compost from a local nursury. I had to mix dirt from my yard in there or it would be way too hot (I didn't do this last year and lost a lot seedlings).

Yes, I've seen :) It's a great site. I'd like to know more about the page for artists/craftsmen. It sounds interesting.

Thanks, again for leaving a comment! Stop by anytime. :)

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