Looking for pep

It seems to hit me around 3:30 to 4:30 pm. I feel utterly tired and exhausted from taking care of the kids and running around the house. I've been putting more and more time into prepping the house/cleaning/kid attending as I'll be starting a job next week. I don't know how things are going to take place but we'll see. Basically, I'm a senior care worker and this sounds like it could be interesting. I hope it's not too stressful but we'll see. I'm excited about it as it will get me out of the house and amoung grown-ups! lol! :)

I mentioned awhile back, that my parents took care of several elderly people. One was a Bulgarian man named Boyan. Basically, he had nothing at the time and my father (who is Bulgarian) brought him home to help. He lived with us for over 5 years and when at last he did pass away, he was about 88 years old. He was such a gentle soul...loved animals and would sweep the front of the house. I still think of him at times and love that my family was open to him, regardless of his needs.

There were other people as well and it was easier for us as we didn't have a language barrier (I can speak a few words in Bulgarian, but not much). I have to say, my parents were very kind and hard working when it comes to aiding people. My mom is an certified nurse assistant and this was right up her alley. I'm glad we could comfort and help people in this last period of their lives.


Coincidentally, I'm reading Pearl S. Buck's, Sons...very relevant in terms of dealing with death and comforting people. I think comfort is such an underrated aspect in our world. I just notice people being a tad too sharp at times (I know I've been like this, all too many times)...I'm going to aim to be kinder and think of ways to comfort rather than be defensive/afraid.


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