Gray Helicopter

So, yesterday I was driving back from my allergy shot with my gals and out of the blue, I hear what sounds like a helicopter. I'm thinking, oh, an emergency from the hospital or some such thing as we don't get helicopters or planes so low. But as I'm driving along, I notice it seems like it's getting closer. I mean, really close! The gals are in the back of the car, pointing out the window and saying mommy, mommy helicopter, look! I'm shocked and my driving is getting a little wobbly as I'm like, what the hell?!? I continue driving as a car is behind me and I'm thinking okay, this has got to be a police helicopter...what's the protocol for this?? Can't think of anything. So, I continue driving and this thing keeps following our cars up the hill. I'm about to turn but decide to go straight up the hill and turn on the street above. I'm thinking this helicopter is going to A. crash B. is in trouble and is going to crash or C. is going to crash and land on my car. I'm getting really freaked out and as I turn, it follows me! I'm really freaked out now and am afraid as there aren't really any trees to be sheltered by but continue driving. I get to a stop sign (and trees and see the helicopter fly past me down the hill. It's gray, the door is wide open and a person is leaning out of it with something in his hands. I'm like is this a State police thing or what is it? So bizarre!

I see all the neighbors standing around, pointing at the sky, and waving their arms. I'm really perplexed but frightened and as soon as I pull into the drive, I rush everyone into the house. Scary.

So, I tell Jon, my sis-in-law and make a police report. I get an answer from the police saying they didn't have any helicopters in the sky. I'm really shocked. I start to think it's a State Police thing but look up their copters to find out they are black and white and very clearly marked with numbers. So, I'm wondering is this a publicity stunt? And if so, it's a very bad one as they could have easily hit a power line or given someone a heart attack.

Then, my sis-in-law calls today and says there are more reports of a helicopter buzzing people at a market. I'm relieved as I'm not going crazy and didn't imagine this. But it's still eerie as there is no reason for this helicopter to buzz people. I even started to think (when I thought it could possibly be a police car...maybe it's FBI, I don't know) it was in search of this robber that hit the State College area and is reported to have been driving a beat up black Mustang. I have a black truck...but this still wouldn't add up.


Patty said…
That's really weird. About a month ago a helicopter was buzzing our property. I should have gone out to look at it, but I didn't. I commented to Jim about it because I kept hearing it for quite some time. He said probably police looking for pot growers out this far.LOL

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