a good day is...

What makes a good day? For me, a good day is one where I feel energetic and there is a calm to the weather. It is a day when I can balance my life with my kids and feel, though the world may be at it's worse or saddness lingers in the distance, a sense of peace. Today was one of those days. I did a lot of housework and didn't feel like it was a struggle, physically. I tended to my children and finally could do so without too much frustration and feeling I lacked gentleness.

I attribute this to walking with nature during the weekend and a sunny day that had a touch of cool breeze. I'm also learning to appreciate heat and humidity. Instead of fighting with it too much, I will slow myself down and all the warmth to penetrate my skin and bones. And hopefully, I'll be able to remember it during the coldest of winter days.

I still find it strange that there are rainstorms with massive lightening and thunder during the summer. This is unheard of in California. The heat, usually, in California is a dry heat so that when you come out from hiding from the sun all day, the cement is so warm and lovely you feel like laying down upon it and sleeping there under the stars. At least, that was one of my memories as a child.

I know it is nearly the end of summer and soon, all too soon, school will begin and the rush of life will slowly push it's way forward. But for now, I pause and dream...

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen


Carol said…
A beautiful post, Emily!

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