ear aches...

Having a cold seems to entail ear aches and I fear, ear infections. I think I may have to go to the doctors for a check up. Darn. If it doesn't clear up over this weekend, I have a feeling Monday I'll be going in.

I feel blah right now and irritable. I took some Dayquil and hoped I would be off of it but it's going on for a bit. Plus, I have to work this weekend. I feel a bit short of temper and irritable. Unfortunately, I'm yelling at my youngest instead of being patient. I hate when I feel sick. I have to try really hard to be patient but it's so hard when you feel icky. I hope the Dayquil starts working soon. I think I may just make an appointment at the doctors and maybe she'll see me this evening...wishful thinking.


On a side note, I must say giving kids good quality art supplies/paper really seems to improve their work; at least with my daughter's work, that is. I'm amazed at the feeling of colors and shapes she was able to paint. She used regular kid watercolors (actually these are student grade and are about 40 years old...I got a lot of supplies from when my dad would clean out homes. People threw away a bunch of art stuff and I was allowed to rummage to my hearts delight). The name brand is prang is very good. I may have to order some new paint sets as I notice it's still around. For myself, I use a variety of watercolors brands... Aquafine, lowe-cornell, Maries and of course Winsor and Newton. If I could afford it, I'd buy everything Winsor and Newton as it's what I really learned to use in my college days. My teacher was a bit of a snob and forbid the use of white watercolor. She'd probably shiver if she knew I also had metallic watercolors! But I love them and their effects...gorgeous.

I also like to get most of my supplies from acorn planet when I use Chinese ink. This is shipped from New York but the main supplies come directly from China. The ink sticks are made in the traditional manner and each piece is treated like an art form (which it is). I'm planning on doing some Sumi ink this weekend, just to stretch the old' muscles; freeform and loose.

My plans for a pit kiln have had to be take a standstill until the earth dries a bit. I also have to gather supplies and what not and decide on whether I want a covered pit kiln or uncovered. I'm thinking of going with covered as we get such bad weather over here...Next, is plotting where to put the kiln. I have one idea and would have to okay it with Jon and then start clearing brush and so forth. Plus, I don't like disturbing the rabbit/critter holes in the yard. There is still plenty of room to find a good kiln pit, however. Just need to find the location. The size is fairly small about 3 feet deep, by 3 by 2 feet.


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