So, I've been doing a lot of driving lately and in the worst rain storm I've ever been thru. Fortunately, I go slowly and people seem very aware of each other. Just hope it continues this way in the driving realm. Anyway, I drove past St. Drogo's cafe and they are a really busy place. I admit it was quite thrilling to see people sitting under my paintings. It was like a piece of my creativity right there and people are enjoying it. It felt great.

Speaking of rain, I've checked my basement periodically and it seems mostly dry...there are still parts that get water but for the whole, it's been good. Still, I'm weeding things out down there and just for my sanity trying to be neater. I had a bit of a problem today with a lost SS card and just felt awful. But the new place was all right with a birth certificate and I'll order a new one. Now, to clean up all the places I tore up in my search. To my dismay, I found out as I searched for this SS card, just how grimy my couch is in the sides...yuck!

Another part of my job was getting a beloved TB test. I'm being sarcastic. I hate shots and this is no different. Just thinking about it makes me feel dizzy...but it had to be done. I'll be working with elderly folk and it's good to know these things as well.

Well, another critter of mine is making her way to rainbow bridge. Rainbow bridge is a very sweet concept of animal heaven. I first heard about this from Sue Williams, a squirrel owner and advocate. She met my husband through a squirrel club. Our beloved Daisy rat is leaving. I hope she will be at peace and no pain.

I had a mild rise in emotions during the weekend. I almost got another Bichon. But the stars were against us and after a trip to the Animal Humane Society and waiting all weekend, I found out we were rejected. Mainly because Mr. Nelson's full shots weren't up to date...but his rabies are good (for 3 years). We were disappointed but it was probably for the best. We got to play with a very sweet girl Bichon named Sadie. She found a home immediately. So we had to let go of that little dream. I think Lydia was very disappointed. She’s having some bad thoughts about how rats are temporary…and I guess that’s true.

At the Animal humane society, the little dog, Sadie, was nice but not super friendly or affectionate. More like, “hello darlings…I’m tired of you now”. This was totally opposite of a massive black lab named Carl who looked very sweet and huge all in one. He gave the gals a kiss each and they were surprised as he is as tall as they are! If he wanted to he could have given me a kiss too...I'm 6 feet. Nelson has to jump for all he's worth to plant one on me. He was much more engaged then Sadie. If we had the fence up, I’d be tempted by Carl…though, I’d imagine he’d be quite a bit more to feed than Nelson. Nelson is still working on the dog food bag we got about a year ago!

I guess I wanted another dog because it's rather depressing having pets die on you. Rats make you feel so helpless and I don't like being so emotionally frayed. Or course, having another dog would mean another somebody rooting around in my trash cans...great. But that's not that bad, really.

Nelson has been pretty darn good lately...a few mistakes but everyone has mistakes. I have to say having a dog makes me very aware of forgiveness and moving on to the next special scent. Dogs are so funny and very much their own being and even though Nelson still drives me crazy I feel like he's my protector/heating pad/dear little friend. Strange to feel this way about a dog…now, if I could only teach him to carry in the groceries…

I've been reading a bunch of books lately, and one is called "For Love of a Donkey"
by Betty Bowan. It reminded me so much of this recent news story about a man who traveled across states looking for work. It's interesting what we will do to take care of these dear critters. In the news story, the man decided not to stay in one town because some kids were rude to his mule. More people should have that sort of integrity and people should learn to control their tongues or they may become the very ass they make fun of. It's just so biblical and cool that this man, even in his need for a job, just walks away from this town and wipes the dust from his shoes.


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