Been busy...

Plus, it turns out my allergies were a cold. I got it from my dad-in-law/mom-in-law, I guess. Or else, Jon brought them home from work. Fortunately, he didn't get anything...only a headache. I felt awful, however. But am better now

Anyway, looks like Jon's going to have the fence mostly finished! I'm thrilled and it's going to cost a quarter of the price of most other fences as well as being only unique. I'm happy about this as it's one of my fears about having so much open space with kids and a dog and cats that like to sneak out of the house on occasion.

On a slightly scary note, we had a huge rain storm on Thursday. Various parts of town were flooded and our basement leaked but nothing major. Our screen in the 3rd floor blew in and Jon found this open window. It was a bit unsettling as the cats could have gotten out but all were accounted for. My only real concern was a possible bat flying in. But all was well.

In other news, I sold a painting at the cafe in Hollidaysburg! I'm thrilled and am starting a new painting. I'm so glad my work appeals to people. It kind of surprises me, sometimes. When I paint, I usually paint what I like, what moves me...and it's a great feeling to know others feel something whether they like it enough to buy my work or share a positive comment as well.

I'm working on several pieces right now. I'm hoping to have one finished by this weekend and the others by this week. It's tough balancing life but very worth it. Today, I got a chance to play the piano for almost an hour or so. It was great to let loose. I also fixed a key on the piano that was always getting stuck. Basically, I tied a string to the base and the wonderfully! So, this has inspired me to sit and practice a few new pieces. I'm working on jazz as I've never really done this. Blue Roses, Kicking the Blues, stuff like it. Oddly, or obviously, it effects my own pieces. I notice a bit of jazz feel to my work. It's all my brothers will say.

On a sad note, our friend in California is not doing good at all. I'm planning to send Jon out to visit him, soon. I just feel so sad about this.

And basically, that's what we're, eating a lot of zucchini. I may have a pumpkin plant in the patch as well. I apparently, planted all the squash's way too close. I really need to plan the garden better. It's amazing to see the garden growing and thriving even with my mistakes.

The gals, Mr. Nelson and I went to a local farmers market. It was funny because I remembered two of the people selling there. There is a farm family of several boys and their dad. Their mom wasn't there this time and I remember them from two years or so ago. They've grown so much since then! And then, there was a nice new older woman I bought peaches from. I told her about my fungus problem on my peaches and asked about what to use and she gave me some tips. Most of her peaches had hail damage but I didn't mind...I made a cobbler after all.

Then, there is this old guy who sells baked goods and what not. I remember him too...because his peanut butter cookies were terrible and he called me, "Sir". So, I basically ignored him. It's a pity Mr. Nelson didn't feel the urge when we walked by. Oh, I can be evil in my thoughts...

Anyway, with the heat of summer and rain storms, there was bound to be one mishap. Basically, I left the windows down in the car and the insides got wet. This wouldn't be so bad except I had my books in there. Books for the kids to read and they got wet and smelly. I hope they dry out now and I can salvage them a bit. I felt badly about this. Now, I know why the car was stinking so badly. Good grief.


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