Positive energy...

A few days ago, I had a big fight/argument with my husband Jon. We argued and yelled...felt like a long overdue summer storm. The kind of storm where the air is heavy with warmth, humidity and you can just see the flickers of lightening in a mass of dark clouds. Fortunately, we controlled ourselves till after the kids went to bed. I think this is important...Kids don't need to see/hear all the stuff parents get annoyed with. They won't understand it, till they're in their teens and it just makes them feel bad. As if the argument was about them or something.

So, I have to say it was a big relief to get out these feelings/fears and move on to the next problem. I should note that Jon and I don't really argue that much...It was actually nice to just let loose and not worry about little ears hearing us being immature and silly.

On another note, I'm 90% done with my eldest room. I was hoping to finish it totally but stuff came up. I'm not sure about painting the floor. The color I want is green but somebody still wants blue (with clouds, mind you...). I need to finish the closet as well. This is taking longer than I hoped but the good thing is, it's moving along. Jon doesn't really help me, I've noticed. And oddly, I do more when he's at work. I don't know why. Do I become lazy once he's here? I sometimes think so or more dependant or rather, more talkative, etc.


Last night we watched "The Cat Returns". It is really good esp. if you like cats. It's such a great fairytale story and funny/odd without being disgusting/rude/embarrassing about body functions. All the stuff a lot of American movie creators seem to think kids/adults like but most don't. Well, I don't and never really did...stuff like that should be left in the hallways of junior high or the bathroom. Seriously.

Also, the kids and I have been having nightly youtube watching instead of the junk of the TV. We'll watch classic cartoons from Silly Symphonies, CariCartoons or Bugs/Tom and Jerry. I wonder if Charlie Chaplin is on there. Certainly, I have to watch out for some violent stuff of hitting but on the whole, it's been good.


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