One week ago today, my new nephew was born. Amazing. I've only seen one picture but I'm sure more are on the way...they better be. lol

This weekend the weather was so wonderful! Blue skies, warm breezes (even slightly cool) and so forth. The perfect weather for flying kites (which we did), going for walks and just enjoying relaxing on the back porch. I did a huge amount of paintings (all miniatures) and then some. I feel good about this.

The greatest thrill was actually cooking up my first zucchini of the garden. I have wanted to do this since we moved here. This is the first time the seeds took and I didn't get them confused with pumpkin seeds (that's what happened another year ago). I feel like I'm finally being rewarded with this little patch of green.

The rabbit fence is working WONDERFULLY! I see forlorn rabbits eyeing my peas and bean poles but nobody can get in. Don't worry about them. As Jon often quotes, the world is a rabbits salad bowl. Also, we often give veggie scrapes to the compost and the rabbit Gods come out for these morsels.

I was a little nervous when I saw a rather large hole by the side of the garden plot...groundhogs? I hope not! Jon did see one meandering down the alley road like a transit looking for new digs, literally. Away, ye groundhogs of vegetable doom!

My bird Odie, is in a fit and has decided to knock all of his gravel out of his gravel holder. I think he's angry because Jon broke his seed container. Or he wants attention even though he snaps when I try to take him out and hold him. Rather, he bites to draw blood, when I take him out.

Anyway, I feel pretty good even if the sky is now overcast with gray clouds and rain is on the forecast.

Last night we went to auntie J's house. I'm not supposed to mention my sis-in-law but how can I not? That's like taking a junk out of my life...anyway, we had Chinese takeout and it was pretty fun. Got to see her kitties and they were nice and friendly.


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