Little things...

Why is it the little things that bug me so much? Why don't I let them go? My daughter's visit/stay on ocassion with a neighbor who runs a little daycare from her home. We stopped by about two weeks ago and my youngest brought her Pikachu. When we left, they couldn't find it. We looked and looked and couldn't find it. I felt bad. My youngest felt bad but seemed confident that she'd get it back. We haven't gotten it back and, I'm angry and annoyed. But, hey! It's just a toy. A silly little toy...I liked it too but now it's gone because the nieghbor didn't care to give it back and watch other little hands that may have wanted it. It's always something at this persons rubs me the wrong way. They're the same ones that cut my rose bushes to bits and the same one that allowed my youngest to be mawled on at one point. So, I have grudges...I want my damn Pikachu! :(

What a feeling to have awoken up from at 4 am...Yes, I even had a stinkin' nightmare from it. Good grief.

My back hurts from giving piggy back rides and playing with my gals all day. We had fun but now I'm sore. Perhaps more time at the park is in order. Apparently, I'm getting a tan. This is a first as previous years I had so many migraines I couldn't enjoy going out. I think I still have a bit of this hiding in the house behavior to overcome...I've only had two or three major headachess this summer as opposed to one or two a week! So, I'm getting better.


Norrie's b-day was great! She had so much fun and was very spoiled. But this is all right. Lydia was jealous and was having a hard time with transitioning from all the double gifts and what not (not by me but by auntie/grandma).


In other news, my 1st book "Emily and Mr. Nelson" apparently had a snag. The PDF's I downloaded for the didn't go thru (though they did the first time!) and I had to redo ALL the pages. Jon is going to condense them into one PDF file and I'll be able to put it back on-line. I was SO frustrated as I worked on this for hours and hours (probably over 30 hours) just to get it on So, sigh...I even did an on-line chat and got the ball rolling on info/etc. So, now I'll just have to wait for Jon to get the final step done, and it should (cross my fingers) be done! Then, I will be able to order 5 or so copies and send them to various places. I need to find out about bulk printing as well...but we shall see.


Still other news, I'm working on another book and will be getting that one done soon. It should be cute and for kids as well.


I really want to finish my Graphic novel but feel I need to do more historic research. I'll have to do it soon...maybe I can make this a birthday wish. Oh, and today is my 35th birthday. I know some people would say, hey your so old. And others would say, you're just a baby! I'll go with the latter, thank you!


I watched a behind the scenes of "The Cat Returns" and it was amazing to see the animators, planning and thought. I LOVED it. I wish I could be apart of Studio Ghibli. I feel, in this regards, resentful of living in the US and not Japan. I know this is, I wish I could speak/write/read in Japanese and be an illustrator for Miyazaki. lol! What a confession....dream...


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