Interview with a Rat

Well, we had the interview! Should be in the Monday paper (either Entertainment or Local, somewhere in there). It was really fun and the interviewer and photographer were really cool and fun to chat with. I have to say the kids did pretty good too...they were hungry and tired after having gone to the doctors earlier. I was glad it went well and the rats were thrilled (though a little skittish at first) to run about with marshmellows. Yes, I gave them marshmellows...sugar high.

It was fun to talk about the pets, I must say. They are a joy in my life and keep me mentally balanced. I'm talking about all my pets, actually. It's funny how having one (or about nine or so) makes you happy. Clean up, isn't always fun, but it's really how you wrap your mind around it.

Anyway, I forgot to take snaps of the reporter and photographer as I was showing off the little critters. Ah, well. Plus, they're going to put a bunch of pics on CUaltoonamirror. So, that's cool! :)


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