Being home...

We had a great time at my friend, Caroline's. :) It was such a nice comfortable visit. Not stressful or long drawn out...just right in all respects. The weather was unusally hot and dry but otherwise, it was wonderful. I wish I had taken more pics. But I'll be putting up some new ones soon. I feel a little sick to my stomach from the heat but otherwise, all right.

I have to do more unpacking and put away things. Plus, there is lots of organizing and planning as I may have some house guests coming over in August.

I got an email that my niece is doing a summer youth camp (her first away from home) and want to send her a little note (hopefully it will reach her).

This heat is rather too much and I'm glad to be back to water the plants and look over my pets. Thankfully, we could borrow Jon's folks car which has a great AC system and is roomy.

Apparently, my cats were doing well till today and had a protest poop in the bath. They usually act up by the 3rd day or so, if I'm travelling.

Anyway, it was a fun time and we got to see intersting thrift stores, go to Lake Erie (which seems like a different time zone), and learn a little about where my grandmother was from (Euclid, Ohio). I had a strange sort of feeling as though I was driving down the very streets/roads some of my ancestors may have traveled. It was a good feeling.

On the way home, I couldn't help crying and thinking how time does fly by so quickly and how my friend and I are changing/have changed. But not in a bad way, in the least. It was strange to reflect on what we did as kids/young adulthood. Not that I'm this aged, all knowing! I just feel like I'm getting more perspective and that can't be bad.

Nelson was happy to see us and Odie was chirping away. The cats were all pleased and well as are the rats. I'm glad I put their cage in the basement as it's cool and pleasant down there.

It's funny how a few days from home makes you feel refreshed and glad to be back. It's nice to get away and even better to come home (even to a stinky house).


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