As I said, a rollercoaster day...

Had a job interview (which went very well!) today among all the chaos life is moving around. I'm going to be finding out about the part-time position by next week. Hope it works out. It's something I've done before but more intense...caring/assisting seniors. My parents would often do this sort of work and I helped them when I was younger, so I know a bit about what to expect. It can be tough but very rewarding as well.

Then, about 10 minutes ago, I get a call from my vet and she's like, the paper wants to do an interview with owners of rats, do you want to do this? It's because of the movie, Ratatouille. I'm like, Sure! I can't say enough how sweet and charming rats are. Very social, funny and gentle is the rat. So, tomorrow a reporter & photographer are coming over to ask a few questions! Now, I've got to clean the house even more (thank goodness, I scrubbed the porch off earlier with the girls). But this should be fun. I feel pretty excited about it...the question now is, how do I get my paintings of animals in there? hmmmm ;) lol!


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