Warm say...

I should be sleeping...actually, I will be in a few minutes. I did so much today. But I'll start with the day before... Yesterday, I made three loaves of banana bread and a tin of muffins (which I brunt). The day before, homemade pizza (two kinds) and they were quite good.

Today, I finally put down the first layer of pink in my gals room. Now, she is demanding various colors changes and what not. Plus, she informed me that she's the leader and I have to follow. I said, "Oh, really?" I love it when kids have a sense of themselves. Norrie is having issues about this and is going on a growth streak...or will be. Suddenly, she has a massive interest in food...which is fine since she's usually so picky.

I've been painting. Finished up two abstracts (24 by 20 inches or so), am finishing up a larger piece (3 ft by 2) of peonies and then there are smaller ones I have that need a little something. I'm going to be showing them at a cafe on Saturday. Wish me luck. Then, I will be bringing in a few more to the gallery in Altoona. I may go up to Tait Farms and bring in some new work there...I have about 20 things I could bring.

I admit I am feeling really good about larger works...I've worked small for so long, it's a relief to "let go".

Even though I'm tired, I feel pretty good. Did some cleaning as well and tomorrow I have to do pet maintenance. They need clean cages and food places. Ah, well...such is the life of me. My rat, Fergie, is still with us. She seems to be perking up and is nosing around. Her eyes are still sickly but it's getting better. At least her appetite is back and she's grooming. Good grief.

Well, enough is enough. Good night. :)


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