Thunder storms...

We've been getting thunder storms for the past three days. The rain, thunder and lightening usually start off around late evening. Today it was a bit earlier. Kind of scary and we all ran inside. We were looking at Fergie's grave and talking about heaven, etc. Lydia wants another rat just like Fergie but I don't really want one. I'd consider it if I didn't really want a guinea pig. I've wanted a guinea pig for awhile...but even that is off in the future somewhere.

I'm too sad to think of new pets. I felt a little better after I did a digital sketch of Fergie from memory. An email friend suggested doing a collage...I think I will. It's funny how you think you're not going to get emotional about something like a rat, but you do. I even got grumpy about it all. Also, the hang over of a flu, apparently, didn't help.

Jon's getting something now...I guess the kids aren't far behind. Oh, dear. Jon's entire office got sick and they had it for one day or so too. Must have gotten it from them...


There are a lot of events coming up this weekend but I don't know if we'll go to many of them. Probably the free concert and a few others. My joints/wrists are aching from the change of air pressure.


I cleaned out our bedroom closet. I was shocked by the dust bunnies/cat hair that was in there. Good grief. I re-organized it so it's a easier to store clothing (bulky winter stuff and so on). I just remembered I have a vintage sewing machine in the gals closet. It needs a little fixing up but it should be usable. I'll have to drag that down next, I think.

The problem with storage is I have a lot of winter blankets as well and it's hard to stuff all that into the single linen shelves in the hall. I'll have clear out stuff in the big hall closet to store blankets in there, I guess. Or stuff a few in each gals room.

I didn't paint Lydia's room at all today. I hope this bug is done with soon and I can get back to semi-normal. Plus, my foot is aching like crazy. The bandage helps but only so much.


I think I need to walk the trails...we haven't done that in awhile (I have to get Nelson his anti-flea/tick medication first...I do not want to repeat the tick situation of last time...yuck!). This would be a great relief, I think. Hope we're all well enough to do this.

The glamour of school has worn off Lydia. She doesn't want to go at first but after a few minutes of protest she does. Once we're there she's excited and happy. I kind of feel happy too. Norrie is depressed. She missed Lydia and feels lonely and clings to me. I need to give her some more one-on-one.

in memory of Fergie
In memory of Fergie Rat 2007


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