Self publishing...

Well, I got my book back. A few mistakes need to be fixed such as using the wrong image for the cover! Ack! Glad I decided to do a proof first. Other than that, small things need to be ironed out. All in all, I'd say a good three hours worth of work and then, I can release it to the masses.

I'm feeling better about my GN...I'm re-editing it and want to add a few different elements to it. Then, it's get the illustrations started. Phew. I guess I got a little overwhelmed as I checked out a mass of books from the library and was stunned (and slightly disgusted) but what's out there. I'm a bit prim, I guess. But I'm going a different way with my book and such as it is, this might make it unique too.

Anyway, I feel pretty good today. My foot is hurting less and less, thankfully. Plus, we have the air conditioners out and one or two are on. The house feels a lot better cooler and it helps my allergies. The Hydrangea’s are starting to bloom and these I'm really allergic to. I can tell as my nose is stuffy.

The rats cages are all cleaned and just need to get to the cats and Odie's cage. Otherwise, I'm on top of the chores.

I'm ready for lunch! Currently, we're watching Pom Poko...I've mentioned this film before. It's about raccoons in Japan. It is full of metaphor about living together in harmony so as to make our homes and land livable for animals and people. Because of this film, land was made available and protected for animals. Talk about the Power of Art. This is what more art should be doing.

Supposed to have art classes tonight but nobody has signed up. That's too bad...maybe next month. Sigh...June seems to be EXTREMELY busy and most people seem to be on vacation. I know I wish I was. Ah, well.


Carol said…
What is your book about?
Emily said…
It's a children's book...about a rainy day. :)

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