One of my favorite smaller pieces...

abstract...the cosmos

I did this one last year, I believe. I just put on some protective shellac as I'm going to show this one at the cafe amoung about 10 others to the Cafe in Hollidaysburg. This painting took longer to work on as it requires a good 48 hours to dry. I'm working on a much larger piece...I'll be using resin to protect it. This requires a whole other set of problems. Mainly, wearing a face mask, working outdoors or at least in the garage with the main doors opened wide. This is why it takes me so long to get my other pieces finished.

I'm going to aim to do those sometimes soon...Their sizes are 4 by 2 feet and bigger.

We're going to stop at the art store and pice up a few supplies...paint and gel medium. I love this stuff as it's quick drying and doesnt' make me sick.

If some of the pieces don't work at the Cafe, I'll tote them over and see if they work at the Gallery. Then there are a few places in State College Jon has mapped out for me.

Well, it's Saturday and I've got to get cracking. Have a good weekend!


My new orchid painting with a silver touch to the background.


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