Well, it rained and rained this weekend. This was not a bad thing as we really needed it and it was very refreshing. All the flowers where happy, birds seemed to trill even more with the sounds and animals seemed to be happily going through their activities. After the heat of last week, it was so nice to have rain.

I had an art class on Saturday but nobody showed up. So, this was a bit of a let down. Still, I had a good time conversing with the gallery owner. I guess I need to send out a few reminders. Plus, being a rainy day, maybe some thought it was cancelled (it wasn't). Ah, well...

I've been picking peonies like crazy...too beautiful to just watch outside. I'm hoping by picking them, more blooms will come. Seems to be working!

My foot is still aching (plantar fasciitis). I've taken to wearing my sneakers all day which is annoying as I like to be barefooted in the summer or wear sandals. Not likely. Ah, well.

Nelson is barking up a storm...(took a break to let him inside).

I was tagged by my friend in blogland, Carol. Eight things about me, is what I'm tagged about. Hmmm...

1. I love my pets (this is pretty obvious). I love them because they're interesting and funny and even though they have some traits that are less lovable, they can redeem themselves pretty well. Example: missing the litter box or having an accident before a walk. After being scolded and looking sad, these critters usually make up by playing with me or being cute.

2. I know the above sounds like I love my pets before my family but that is not the case. I love my family very much. Oddly, I'm when I think of family, I also include my friends...their extended family. And another odd thing, I think of family as friends too...not something to be tolerated because they are "blood" relatives. Framily? lol

3. Even though I'm a skeptic, I still look for symbols and meanings in life. I tend to think of it subconscious clues to life. It's almost like seeing the signs for a bear that might be ahead of you. If you see the scat, bear prints, claw marks on the trees, most likely there is a bear nearby. So, I tend to do this a lot.

4. I also believe we see a lot of things through our sense of familiarity. In other words, if you feel like something isn't right or you can tell...For example, when we used to live in an apartment in California. We had gone out for the night but had to make an unexpected detour home (forget why) within a half hour. When we got out of the car, I looked at the building (a four apartment building) and had a strange feeling of being watched. Nobody was renting the upper two apartments but I kept looking at the windows in the dark. I told Jon, I felt something strange...maybe I detected a shadow moving or something but didn't recognize it consciously. We went into our apartment and within twenty minutes we heard footsteps running down the main steps. Then, someone knocked on our door and asked about seeing the landlord. We told them he wasn't in and the person left.

An hour passed, and the landlord appeared. He was shaken and apparently, someone had ripped open the upstairs door frame and stolen tools! The police came and we all were amazed at what happened. What's more, the back screen of our apartment was ripped open as if someone was trying to break in! Scary. I think we all have this ability but need to hone it and look for the signs and track those bears.

5. I sometimes think I would make a pretty good cop. But then, I don't like violence and I can get a bit squeamish about blood/guts. I'd probably be like the cop in the TV show The Blue Line with Rowan Atkinson...the blonde woman who is more of the liberal slant police officer. :)

6. If I get emotional, it's best to set me before a piano and to bang out my frustrations on the keyboard. I've composed a piece (played it for years) and keep developing bits of it. There is a poetry to the piano. Recently, I've learned to play the guitar and find it very relaxing. Mr. Nelson, apparently, is my biggest fan and will fall asleep when I play any of the musical instruments. Music soothes the savage beast...

7. I have panic attacks if the house isn't in order before someone comes over. I know why I do this, and I'm working on it.

8. I really like my home even though it's not magazine perfect or even close to organized. I feel comfortable in it. Sure, there are major things to get fixed (like storm windows/insulation) but on the whole, I really like it. It's cozy and a bit roomy here and there.

This has got to be one of my longer posts (time wise). I started this at about 8am and now it's 4:12 pm! Interruptions seem to be part of my day. Ah, well...


Carol said…
I'm glad to be a blogfriend to such a creative gal!

You didn't tell me about your accepting the meme. I am going to link you right now.

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