Knowing your self

Got my rejection from the graphic artist job I applied for. I'm not upset or even annoyed by it. It was a good experience to see what local businesses need and are doing. The only negative on this job was it was full time. I seriously need to be here at the house with my kids while they are at school or while I homeschool (still debating this) and to allow me to paint. I found some part-time jobs I'm going to apply for and I think this will be a much better fit for me. Some of the jobs are exciting as they would be dealing with things I'm very much interested in; flowers and dogs.

I actually feel relieved. Normally, when a person gets rejected they're sad but this really goes to show this wasn't the best match for me. I can now focus on my kids and other pursuits.

I also want to do local work...not have to drive all the way to State College (it's two hours drive round trip). So, I'm excited about these new jobs.

I'm also glad I returned my library books on time and just feel like things are going well. Must be the sunny day. :)

As an artist, you need to have time. If you're dividing your self up to your family, there goes some time. Outside jobs? There goes more time. I'd much prefer one or two part-time jobs (to keep it interesting) then a full-time one. It's just better for me emotionally and stress wise.


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