Humidity is high...and the scent of Chickens.

It is so muggy outside right now. I'm glued to the house and rush from one event to the other because it's terrible outside. The plants, of course, are LOVING this weather. I cannot believe how fast my seedlings are growing...the pumpkins have grown by at least 1-2 inches per day! I can't believe it sometimes. Amazing. Plus, the rabbit fence is working as I seem to be getting lettuce for the first time ever! I'm pleased as can be.

I have been leaving offerings for the garden spirits (aka rabbits) and they seem to be taking to my compost, ahem, offering spot with delight. They're faster at composting, I think! :)

Kinder-camp is going well! I made the mistake of calling Lydia's mittens clouds (they sewed using yarn and a plastic needle, I assume) but otherwise, they had a good time. Norrie is a bit bored in this time frame but we go on walks and help each other with cleaning/chores or just doing nothing at all.

I'm very thankful for our air conditioners at the moment. We have them on low and this keeps the house very comfortable. If it's too hot, I can take us down the stairs and retreat in the basement. I really need to paint a few more spots down there and clean up a bit and it will be quite nice. Mr. Nelson loves to rest on the cool cement. Such a sweetie...


Last week, I had a run in with a very disturbing and annoying "government" office. I only say this in a loose context as when I walked into the building and the office, it seemed more like a social gathering and I was intruding in on the private conversations of these people (at 9 am in the morning). These are elected people with strong Republican ties...I won't mention names (rolling of eyes) as most people around here (Altoona, PA) probably know who/what I'm talking about anyway and if someone is dying to know, they can do a bit of research.

Anyway, went into office on a rainy day, my hair is wet as I gave the umbrella to my little one. I ask about getting some papers notarized (my husband had gone there before) and asked about it. The woman whips around and jumps because she was so immersed in her conversation she didn't hear us walk in. Immediately she says no, we don't do that only transportation. Her face is this wrinkled batch of sun burnt skin covered with thick make-up...very unattractive as she's trying to look about 30 years younger and it's not helping. I'm totally taken aback. She then, sees my look, tries to look concerned (all this while leaning on this window and looking me up and down) and says, "all right, what do you want to get notarized?" I immediately started to feel threatened and shamed and said, "It's private”…also, I was confused as I didn’t know who the heck she was or what all these people (three or so) were doing and staring at me. She huffs and acts like I'm just too much. Then, this person starts to ramble off a bunch of things they do, including notarization, I say, "yes, that's what I want to do." She says, this "It's only for TRANS-POR-TA-TION" and emphasizes every syllable in the word while showing her yellow-white teeth through her wrinkled lips. I was disgusted and said, "O---Kay...Well, Thank you." and as I left the room I shouted, "For being SO POLITE." What a total ass of a person. If I could have slammed the doors, I would have. Honestly, if Republicans are going to vote stupid people in, why can't they vote nice or civil people in or a little like Teddy Roosevelt or something??? I could not believe how totally unprofessional this place was. It was sickening.

So, I drove over to the triple A, paid the $5, had a totally different (professional) experience and was not humiliated for wanting to notarize a birth certificate. I told Jon and he complained but I think I may have to write a letter.

I’m still shaking my head at this. Awhile back, I mentioned how our post office was mailing three or so crates of baby chicks. I guess, sometimes you don’t just get chickens at the post office in a small town, sometimes you get them in office too. What's even worse, is we're paying them to be there (taxes)!


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