humidity is high

We just got back from the market. I actually went with the kids alone. I haven't been doing this lately, as I feel so tired (usually) afterwards. We were supposed to go last night but it was a good thing we didn't as it poured. Instead, we just sat on the back porch in the dark, watched the lightening and played with glow in the dark bracelets I got at Michaels. The gals loved them. We had a great time just hanging out and watching the down pour. It didn't bother my peonies too badly. Actually, I think it helped some bloom and I gave a few to our neighbors.

My climbing roses are blooming and look gorgeous. I would like to add to them as they make me so happy.

I went to our favorite market and dropped the kids off. My foot hurt so much from walking (my darn arch!) and now it still hurts. I have to do my foot exercises...

Some vaguely good news...seems Fergie (one of our little rats) is perking up! I still can't tell if she's drank any water but she has been eating the fruit I've given her. So this is good.

I just put the air's so muggy and bothering my allergies but I'll be better in a bit.

I'm pooped. Running back and forth at noon with bags of groceries is not fun. I'd rather do it at night and with Jon. The gals were helpful but then started to toss the bags in the house...fortunately nothing was broken.


Art wise, I'm going to the gallery tonight. I need to call and find out if anyone signed up for the grown-up art class first. But even so, I'm bringing supplies for tomorrow as I should have two or three kids signed up.

I'm going to be doing some photography for the gallery owner and can hardly wait to start the setup and lighting. It should be fun.

I can not believe it's June 1st. Good grief...Summer solstice is the 21st! I think we'll definitely go to the UU's for that one. I think that will be our focus, celebrating the solstices. The nice thing about the Episcopal church we're thinking of going to is they have an 8am, we could do both on those days.

Also in my art world, I've finished a few side projects. I'll be photographing those shortly. I'm pretty proud of getting these finished. I'm so secretive...he he

Well, it's off to gather supplies for tonight, do some cleaning, take a few photos, tend the kids & pets, and so forth. I feel a bit like Cinderella. ;)


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