Finished my book!

Well, I finally finished my 2nd children's book! Officially, it's my first published book and I did it on I can hardly believe it's done. It's called "Emily and Mr. Nelson".

It is a story about how a rainy day and a wet dog, Mr. Nelson, gives Emily an idea. She will make him a raincoat. This also includes a paper doll of Emily and a paper dog of Mr. Nelson. :)

I hope you'll enjoy it. I still need to revise the preview of the book but otherwise, it's ready to roll! :) I'm thrilled (relieved) to have finished this and now can move on to my next project(s). This took an incredible amount of time and I can see how authors would want to give this all to the publishers...good grief, it's a lot of work...and don't get me started on the revising. Talk about having to be humble. My hats off to anyone who works in publishing.

Now, I'm off to bed to dream up new stories and paper dolls! :) For some reason, I feel like crying about having finished this book. Don't ask me why...


Carol said…
Oh oh, Lulu is unavailable at the moment. I can't wait for a peek.
You and Nelson are a terrific pair for a story..

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