feeling a bit better...

We watched about a half hour of various youtube.com footage on baby rats. Let me just say, this made me feel a lot better and some of it made me laugh. There are some really devoted people out there and will actually breed rats. Just made me smile so much. One should watch out for the occasional disturbing footage of rats and snakes. Otherwise, some delightful and uplifting stuff.

Robin's eggs!
Also, much to my surprise right next to Fergie's grave is a robin's nest. What is most surprising and beautiful is it's in the hydranges and I got some photos of the brillant blue eggs. I think I'm in love...what a great reminder of the life spirit. And can you see the bits of plastic bag used in the nest? I'm amazed at this...talk about reuse! :) lol!

1st day of kinder-camp. I'm still amazed...she took to it really well. I was the weak link...but definitely didn't let on. ;) (Thanks, Monica for some sound advice).


I've had a long day and it's almost over. There was one annoying bit which I'll relate tomorrow...basically, a rude person can make you feel really bad. But I actually did a good response! I felt very "Avitar" (a kids cartoon which is really excellent...I love the story and eventually want to get it on DVD for keeps. My favorite character is the uncle of the "bad" kid). I swear kids cartoons are so much better than TV shows based for grown-ups. The writing is so much better and not polluted junk that people in the business think most viewers go for. Anyway, good stuff...


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