Busy like a bee...

and yet here I sit. Ha-ha Just taking a break. Lydia's taking to summer kinder-camp really well. I'm very pleased but still nervous. It's a bit issue. I just wish I could put a camera on her head or attach safety devices on her. This is one of my fears, I guess. I try to avoid all the news but with all of this stuff happening more and more...it's like good grief!

Well, I picked up my summer camping kid! She seems SO much more confident and sure. I could tell by her body language she is feeling good and secure. Makes me so proud. She showed her sister how to play on the slide and such. There were a few unruly teens lingering about and they called on me for aid. This one kid gave me such a look of disgust and he's the one that was blocking the wee-ones! Gees! I started to feel angry and wanted to smack his ugly little face. I hate it when some teens have problems and just ignore adults and little kids. It makes me feel mama bear-ish.

I brought a lunch for the gals and they were calmer and happy. No tears and screaming like yesterday (we had serious hunger pains, apparently...and this one kid in Lydie's class cried the first half hour...ugh. Already picking up annoying habits). But today was great.

I feel happy and upbeat even though I was so sick last night. Major tummy upset...felt sick to my stomach and had diarrhea. Then, I started to feel congested and when I went to go to bed, I threw up! I couldn't believe it. I've never done that before...and had to rush to the sink. It was horrible. But afterwards, I felt a lot better. I don't know if it's from the rice Jon made (he might have used too much better) or else the mulberries we've been eating without washing. I don't think we should do that anymore. Yuck.

But I'm feeling better and a bit tired is all. My muscles are aching.

In other news, my mom sent the cutest outfits for the gals. I have to take a few pics of them. I just saw the gals run out after stealing more chips! My two bad mice...

Anyway, I'm beat. We had some lunch on the porch too...my mom's package came (as I mentioned earlier) and she sent them some puzzles with markers. The kind that is in black and white with a velvet fuzz. This is one of our favorite activities and we had a good time doing this.

Last night, I also got the rabbit fence up (to keep rabbits out of our garden) and planted a bunch of seeds. Probably too late in the year but who cares...have to give it a try. So we shall see. I was disgusted in May with gardening as my starter pots (which I started really, really early) got nibbled, knocked over and finally ignored because there was just too much rain. I felt bad about that as I had some interesting things planted. Even the lavender never emerged.

I still don't have that gardening thing down pat. My tomato plant lasted all Winter and gave me about 10 tomatoes...small but edible. I'd prefer bigger ones but what can you do? A huge heated greenhouse would be extremely costly.

(this post has taken several hours, with a constant flow of breaks).


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