Beautiful day today!

I might not feel great in the foot department but today is really amazing. The air is so refreshingly cool and seems to be filled with energy. It's on and off raining with the plants and trees getting greener and greener. It feels like the fire flies/lightening bugs should be coming out soon.

I've been getting small projects done and thinking up some new ones as well. I feel a bit stuck on my graphic novel...don't know why. I guess I started to feel like I'm not going to be as good as some of those cartoonist out there. I feel like I'm just a beginner and what do I know? Self doubt! Ugh!

I did, just to let it out a bit, finish and self print a children's book on I'm waiting for the 1st copy to check for (hopefully) minor mistakes and what not. I'm nervous. I'll report back once I get it.


I finished about 20 pumpkin people statues made of paper clay and I photographed them but I'd rather redo the photo shoot...for some reason, I did a lot of blurry photos. Most likely I didn't have enough light and I didn't want to use the flash as it makes the colors look funny. So, I'll probably retake these before putting them up on eBay. But for a quick look this is how they look:

I guess the thing I didn't like about this photo shoot is I would have liked to use some natural elements like grass or a few small leafed plants for color.

So, I'll probably retake this with my assistants helping me, of course. It makes for good rainy day actives anyway.

As it is a rainy day, we did some art activities. About a week ago we picked buttercup flowers, and some purple violets. I got a flower press at the big Jaffa Mosque flea market for .50 cents! I have always wanted one since I was a teen. I was one of those girls that loved Anne of Green Gables having read the books and reread them. I'd pick flowers and press them in the pages of book, walk around with a book of poetry in my hand or read 1800's Victorian novels. I even had a straw hat with silk flowers that I put together. At one time, I was lucky enough to have a bike from the 1950's, but to me it was even older. I put a basket on the front and would go biking and stopping to pick flowers. I loved that.

Anyway, I would press flowers and had quite a collection. However, I never did anything much with them...when I got the flower press (and it's Holly Hobby too!) it came with instructions and cards/frames and what not. So, the girls and I did some flower artwork. I need to download the pics and will be sharing that shortly. We added glitter for some sparkle. :)

A side note, my girls have dressed me in a wig and this sad attempt of mine at a sun hat. Let's just say, I look like Little Orphan Annie with a big yellow hat as I type. I may have to do an illustration of myself. ha-ha

I think more people should wear wigs and hats that are really elaborate and fun. It would be interesting to go out to shops and places if people did this on occasion. It wouldn't have to be any sort of historical event or what not...just wear a cowboy hat or a fedora for fun. I think people can be a bit too serious at times. I know I can be...


I'm still waiting for the card people to return my "rejected" work. I can't believe how slow they are being. What's more Jon found a blog where that artist worked with Recyceld Papers and they returned his work ASAP and gave him a tart rejection. Am I supposed to be flattered? I hope so...but I'd rather get a check and my work back...grrr...


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