1st day of Kindergarten camp...

Well, we survived our 1st day of summer camp. I was so nervous I had to take some Tums. Terrible. And I hardly could sleep because I was worried about missing the time. But all went well. I can't hear very well and I think I got the wrong teacher's room but other than that, it went well. I'm so proud of my big girl. She is just amazing.

There was a little boy who must have cried for the first 20 minutes. The teacher goes to the same church and is the Sunday school teacher too...and has the EXACT same response every time. Poor guy...but he was smiling and cheerful upon time to go home. I was afraid that that Lydia wouldn't want to leave (her usual response once she over comes the initial shyness). But she was fine.

A lot of parents where misty eyed (as was I) and I had to bit my lips a bit to keep the tears at bay when the kids came out. I swear it's more emotional for us big people. Sigh...

Anyway, a good day. I even had a talk with my neighbors. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to trim back my rose bush without telling me. It's right on the fence. It fell over from last nights heavy rain and they mauled the thing down. Such ugly cuts after I trimmed it so nicely and got such a good harvest of roses. I still can't believe they wouldn't ask. All this time, I thought it was a mean spirited person cutting it (they NEVER told me about the trims or even asked if they should do it. They assumed they should because the previous owner of our house, let them! Communication people!!). Let's just say, this blog entry is getting the very calm version and my poor family had to hear me rant and rave and look very sad all evening.

In other news, I'm having a bit of a problem with Mr. Nelson and the potty. Every time it rains, he refuses to poop outside and saves it to poop under the dining room table. I have taken the rug out and scrubbed and dried it. Jon brought it back in before I got to scrub the floor and I think this is why he keeps going there. Well, I took the rug outside just now and low and behold a huge pee mark. Yuck. So, I scrubbed the floor and poured white vinegar on it and am letting it sink in. It smells awful but I think this might get rid of the pee smell...I hope.


I am nearly done painting my eldest room. People are describing the color to a strawberry milkshake. And I guess it's true. It looks very edible. I plan on painting the wood floor a light green and maybe getting a light green rug. This will give it a forest feel. There may be a light colored tree mural too...sort of like Sleeping Beauty's forest. I love that.

My youngest wants a pink room too and I'll probably go for a slightly different pink. Although, I really, really love the pink color in the first room.

I may paint our room terra cotta with yellow ochre trim for the windows. This is a long way off but is what I'm thinking about. Maybe a turquoise blue for the inside of the windows. Just ideas I'm floating around.

We're debating how to paint the trim on the outside of the house as it's really bad...needs sanding but we're afraid of lead. So, we're going slowly.


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