Waiting for Wonka

That's what the gals felt like today. We were supposed to see the Willy Wonka musical but as the Goddess Fortuna would have it or the very confused driver Goddess, could not find the theater. I, embarrassingly, thought it was at the Mishler. I went there with the gals only to find the doors locked!

We then trotted over to the Blair County Arts Foundation only to find (what I dreaded) the musical was in Cresson at the Cresson Lake Playhouse.

So, home we went and I looked up various info/maps/phone numbers and such and off we went. I drove and drove and still upon reaching Cresson, could not find the theater. I drove around town but still nothing. I drove out of town and still nothing. Common sense would dictate, go and ask for directions. But for some reason (I think I was slightly sun stroked), I didn't. So, we ended up having a nice drive with little voices in the back saying, "Are we lost?", "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom." "Are we lost, again, mommy?"

Home again, home again jiggety jig. We came home, had lunch, went back into the car got my allergy shot. Came home, picked up paintings and some tags and drove off to the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts. Dropped off the paintings and finally, at last crashed for the day. This was WAY more driving then I cared to have but I must say I have more appreciation for the Loretto area and driving up the Buckhorn. Plus, I got to tell the gals about the White Lady and this entertained them for a bit. I promised another theater experience...so, I will be looking for one in the area shortly. Phew.

At one point, while driving about the farmlands, my eyes started to water as if I had cut onions. The winds are warm and heavy with pollen...oh, the irony!


Eden said…
The Playhouse is hard to find. If you ever want real directions, drop a note.
Emily said…
Thanks! I definitely will...I still feel bad about not finding it. I don't know why I didn't just ask for directions...I should have got something icy to drink and restore my senses! ;)

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