This news story makes me very sad...

In Italy there were hundreds of thousands protesting a new law to give more rights to single, unwed people including gays and lesbians. Apparently, a whole lot of people in Italy are willing to protest this, of all things. It makes me sad because it's A. wasted energy that could be used to protest poverty or an illegal war and B. shows how much prejudice there is against gay people.

What is being taught by people who are supposed to be closest to God? Why would nuns and families run out into the streets holding signs about “protect(ing) the family” as if Gay people are the ones causing war and unfair wages? It does not make sense. It's like a willingness to believe a lie, regardless of how absurd. If someone told you that eating candy canes will make your nose curl like a candy cane, would you believe it? I hope not...

I guess I’m vexed as I had a horrible nightmare. It was really, really awful and a apart of me feels very depressed about it as well. I wrote it as soon as I awoke and turned on the computer. This is what I dreamt:

I had a nightmare. I dreamt there was a strange rise in the ocean…12 feet. The people on the African continent were most affected by this and built a massive wall of 12 feet high and 12 feet thick. Still, there was a strong wave and it pushed in the center spewing water, fish, animals and dead animals onto the Sahara desert. I dreamt that these dead things were consumed by the living; which were primarily reptiles. The lizards and crocodiles and alligators ate and ate until there was nothing left but themselves. Then, I dreamt they started to consume each other. The biggest ate the smallest and vice versa and the people watched in disgust, interest, and horror.

We all looked. The animals, everyone of them, was deformed. The bats were huge and had strange patches of hair. The snakes had swollen gums that their fangs could not be used and they could only eat small things or peck at people like a bird.

What caused this, we all thought. What is it? We traced it back to a small mining activity. This, I said, could not be the main cause. Then, we realized all the junk we polluted in the water had caused massive deformations in the animals and creatures in the ocean.

We began to walk and I recorded the events on a camera. We reached the mining site and everything to one side of the land was barren...all the trees were gone. On the other, was a strange overpopulation of life.

That's all I remembered. It was in color and very realistic as if I was watching a documentary. I think I dreamt this because of so much that has been happening in our world; everything from Katrina, an insane war, a strange neglect of our Earth and people and the future.

A part of me wants to illustrate what I dreamt, show people "look what could happen". But it makes me feel sick to think of it.

What a Mother's day dream....I really don't feel that hopeless. At least I don't think I do. lol A part of me wants to delete this post as I don't want people to get freaked out but another part of me wants people to read this and enact extremely strict controls on pollution and waste. I guess I'm disgusted that so many of our food/water/air/land is being tainted by chemicals. It's just so wrong and makes me sad for my children's future and my great-grandchildren's future.

It’s 6:17 and I need to go watch the sun rise. Have a good Mother’s day and don’t forget our mother Earth as she needs protecting and help. Peace.


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