ah, these warm it does make the sea monkeys come alive.

Well, my youngest is sick. Has a cold and guess what I think I'm getting...oh, well. I guess I was due. Plus, I think Norrie has an ear infection.

Tomorrow's a busy day...going to drop off some artwork at various places and see what's happening at some shops and such. I just wish it wasn't so far away...State College (about an hour's drive). The roads are winding and seem to twist in all sorts of directions. My eldest gets car sick really easily, so I'll bring extra clothes. She's thrown up a few times up there...

Went to the post office and it was packed...the postage change happened and people were lined up. Plus, it was Monday. The postage people seemed kind of crazy and out of it; like they never dealt with customers or various packages before. Crazy. It's annoying too because I use these CD type envelop to send my artwork in. For some reason, this bother's the post office people for some reason (they want to charge more money, basically). All very annoying.

I'd like to go to bed but I have a few things I need to do. Maybe I'll try a nap. I can't believe the rats cage needs to be cleaned again. The few warm days helps...that and I gave the little gals some fresh food. I wish I had some chocolate.


KLJ said…
Congratulations on a second generation.

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