I AM TAZ, plus I tore up my dining room

in a mad search for some b-certificates. They were in the right spot but I was looking for them in a different folder!! ACK! SO ANNOYING. So, I have a huge mess now...I did find a bunch of missing things, so I guess that can't all be bad. Also, I found out the gals have been hiding things under the computer desk...it looks worse then the rats cage! Good grief. Thankfully, mostly dust/felt bits and no food/crackers. Just dusty and toys.

So, I'm going to clean under there and throw out lots of "artwork" or else staple them all together into a little folder. This works and is a great way to store them and look at their finger prints. I have about three of these. Not too bad, really.

My arches are hurting like heck and I need new sneakers/arch supports. I feel a bit better about finding the paper but I think pulled a wrist muscle or else the coming thunder storm is making me achy.

I guess it was good to have to pull everything out and take stock. Here I thought I had everything organized a bit. Yeah, right.


It's lunch time too...so, I'm cranky and need to eat something or I will be unleashing the inner tazmanian devil. Just call me Taz.


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