Gorgeous day...

It's a perfect sunny day; beautiful and warm with a light breeze. I keep going outside...so very pretty but I can feel my allergies getting a bit clogged, so I have to watch out.

I've decided to just start illustrating my novel and even though it's not 100% edited, to just start. I need to do this or I will feel I can't move on. I'm nervous about Jon reading it...I feel so, I don't know. He'll be seeing it soon.

I shellacked about 10 paintings yesterday. They're huge. I'm thinking of making hooks that attach directly to the board as I paint primarily on massonite board. I don't know if this is what I want or not. I'll be experimenting with that.

I'm thinking of contacting the local museum in Altoona and seeing about showing some work there. I wouldn't have to have a huge space...just a wall for some of my smaller works...obviously, I'd do a group show. I know I need to just join the local art group, "Art Incommon". I'm just going to do it and get some inside scoops. Sometimes it's such a pain to be shy.

Anyway, I hope what I'm feeling is allergies and not a cold. I visited with our neighbor yesterday and it was a really nice time. I wish I had brought my sketch pad as the kids were adorable. I think I'll do that...plus, I helped a bit with the kids. I think one had a cold. Oh, well...I know I shouldn't be paranoid.

I'm applying to be a florist for a part-time job. I hope I can get something in this field. I know that sounds strange with me having allergies but my allergies are to grasses and trees and not, thankfully, to greenhouse roses. Plus, it's art related in color/display. I'm also going to start art classes on the weekends/evenings at the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts. I may have another place to teach as well. We shall see...

Well, I'm off to nasal flush and hopefully start planting seeds. I had two trays of seedlings until my one cat, Sampson, ate half of them, and then knocked another one down. Then, I tripped and really smashed up one to the point of having to toss the lot. That was depressing...I'll have to buy more lavender seeds. dang.

Some pretties that make me sneeze:


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