Good day...

Still stuffy but NO headache! Phew. I feel really good actually even though my wrists are sore. I carried two fifty pound bags of sand to the basement. We've put the sandbox down there and the gals LOVE it! I love it as well as I can see/hear them, they are protected from the sun and bugs AND I can do my work at the Studio! I feel like crying. I'm so happy. It's the best feeling to just be able to sit for (was it an hour?!?) and finish up projects while the gals played. Such a relief. And we stopped at the library were I got the best book on tape called "The Witches" by Roald Dahl. It is wonderful! Funny, touching, sweet and an absolutely fantastic delight to hear British words spoken and with such's like having Wallace and Gromit in your living room! I hate to admit this but it might even be better than Wallace and Gromit. The Witches is narrated by Ron Keith.

I think I finally found a happy median in balancing children and my art...and all it took was $9.50 in sand. ;)


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