Funny things...

I looked up rat toys on the net as I wanted to try some new things for the rat grrls and found one of my favorite rat sites, the dapper rat. Here is one that really made me laugh out loud:

5. Pin the tail on the donkey - ratty version
Place a litter tray in the middle of the room. Add rats. Whichever rat pees/poops nearest to the litter tray wins
a yogurt drop.

Things we have made for the rat grrls are:

1. the clubhouse...painted and all. I'll photograph that next while in play.
2. paper bag huts
3. sleeping bags out of fabric scraps
4. lots of boxes to dig and play with
5. Scarves, hats and boots(in theory, these would have been used by the Rats on cold snowy days...made by my eldest Lydia (who was four at the time)...I should photograph this one; very sweet)

Today was a busy day...had a picnic with the grand folks and we all had a good time. It was fun and I know I was tired. The gals didn't seem to want to stop and kept playing till 10 pm. I still can't believe that. We met new neighbors, went for a walk, and gave away a mini-fridge (which is going to a good home via freecycle). Very nice day. Wanted to drop by the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts but missed that with all the commotion. It's been great weather these few days. Next week is rain but we've got our sandbox prepped and all should be well. I'm starting to think about how we REALLY need a basement sink but that's coming soon.

Otherwise, all is good and I think everyone is sleeping. :) Amazing.

Nelson with a dirty snout...he was digging under the slides (or sliding boards as they are called back East) to cool off in the mulch.


Carol said…
I hope those rat grrls appreciate their home!

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