Feeling tired...

Did a whole bunch of stuff this weekend. Saturday, I got my contacts for my eyes. These are not what I expected in the least...talk about painful and annoying to put in. They are fine once in but I need to adjust to them (takes a few weeks) as right now, it's blurry. I wonder if it's a mind thing where I mentally see things blurry because I'm used to it. Today was a bit better in seeing things sharper but I still had moments of blurry feeling and panic that I didn't have my glasses. Funny how the brain works.

I also pulled the arch muscle in my foot. It hurts like heck and I'm walking with a limp. I think I need new sneakers and arch support. I'm doing some foot exercises to help with the pain. Not fun.

Also on Saturday, I volunteered at the Albert Michaels gallery and gifts. There is a Tea on Monday and I going. I can hardly wait. It should be fun and I hope I can get some work sold as well.

Then (also Saturday), we went to a puppet show of Alice in Wonderland. Very sweet and a bit creepy (the whole Lewis Carroll thing and photographing kids, I guess). But it was fun and just the right length of time for the gals.

We walked around the arts festival and I started feeling sorry for myself for not being in the show this year but there is next year to aim for. I also learned about an art exhibit in Bedford called Fall Foliage where artists and crafters get together and show their wares. I'd like to do this, this year. It would mean really pulling out all the stops...I have over a 100 paintings I could show and I could whip up some crafts/dolls to make as well. I have until July to register, so this is enough time to think about this.

All this is happening and I'm looking for places to show some of my bigger pieces of work. These are abstracts and I'd like to expand to a few galleries near Pittsburgh or beyond. It's funny. Ever since the road trip to State College, I feel like traveling is not that bad and is actually fun. Odd....

Here's a photo of a flower called Philadelphia Daisy....this is the one in our yard. I'm glad we didn't mow them...so very beautiful!

Philadelphia Daisy

We made the Unitarian's this week but it was depressing. Only six people where there and it seemed like the kids where having more fun and bonding then we were. The speaker was annoying as you could tell she didn't really care what she was reading about (she talked really quickly through some of the creation myths) and then when it was time for us to read, she skipped me and two other quiet people. I thought this was inconsiderate and at the same time relieved. But still, if you're expecting to read...

Anyway, that was annoying. I guess I have problems with this group because there is a lot of down talk about other religions, mainly Christianity. I guess I don't find this very uplifting and it feels very high school or when I was a young adult and going through some emotional/growth feelings.

The premise of this UU group is based on Joseph Priestley's concepts of Unitarians. This is based on the exclusion of superstition and focusing on scientific reasoning/philosophy. This is fine but it lacks structure, warmth and a specific common set of beliefs. I don't think that science needs to be a religion and I don't think that religion needs to be a science...if that makes sense. :)

I know the UU's in State College are much more open to arts and connecting with emotions and why we feel a certain way. But at this one (which is lay lead; meaning each person in the group can stand up and share their findings in whatever direction), there is a lack of cohesion. I guess we're supposed to suppress feelings if they differ from the group or you're not a team player, as when I mentioned this I got questioned left and right like I was going to destroy the foundation of this group.

In some ways, I wish the group would just drop the Joseph Priestley thing, get a preacher type person (paid) to speak and follow the State College example. But that would be too much to ask.

Anyway, I could go on and on. Esp. how this group uses a chapel at the campus but doesn't have the right to use the microphone (apparently) so that only the loud voiced people can be heard. Or that this group only meets 2 times a month. Or that there are so many activates for such a few amount of people that we (me) get burned out. Oh, and one of the main reasons I went was so my gals could get some "religious" or Sunday school type atmosphere/experience. Instead of a Sunday school they have interns for child development show them preschool crafts. Another annoying thing...the students in charge are very nice and the kids like them but it's not Sunday School. Well, I've complained enough. We'll try out some other churches but really, I feel like my time is better spent going for walks on trails and reading poems and stories to my children. Or inventing our own creation myths and not feeling ashamed if I believe in it or not or want to believe in something or not.

I know I shouldn't be so picky, esp. after a 6 month leave, but I hoped most of these problems would have been worked on or changed or something. But, it's all the same.

Well, at least it gives me something to write about...even if it's depressing.

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