Fantastic Day!

Nearly a flawless day...started off a bit rough and anxiety prone as I was feeling a tad overwhelmed & overworked but in the end it all worked off well. Basically, I started a huge move around project in the studio (feeling a bit claustrophobic) and ended up missing a few backings for frames. I still couldn't find them today but had enough to show at the shops in State College.

We got a quick change of plans when Jon's folks offered to go with us (their car has air conditioning) and so, we scurried around and got that done.

We drove up to Tait Farms first and talked with the owner about showing my work there. She was lovely and hopefully, we'll sell a few things up there. Then, it was off to Stone Soup to bring in a few more things and talk with her about the art. Seems like they're going to have a consignment area and this sounds exciting. I hope we'll be able to have full "control" over our spot as I'd like to put in a string of lights to brighten up my spot. Actually, this would work for a number of art spots. Should be fun.

I'm planning to teach myself to drive up to State College and volunteer up there as well. Right now, I'll have to wait as gas prices are everyone should know.

We visited the Iron Masters, Moses Thompson, house by Stone Soup but it was closed.

This was all right as we walked around and climbed the hill and found the pigs of State College (research pigs, that is).

The girls found it exciting and Nelson was quiet as a lamb as he realized being merely 15 pounds against an 800 pound force is not a good thing.

Then, we drove home only to get into the 5:00pm rush hour. We got dinged in the back by another, too speedy driver but it didn't crunch anything, thankfully. For solace, we went to the Port Matilda's Lykens Market and got upside down Banana Splits for $.99...

When you think about it, we left at 2pm and got through everything by 5. Pretty productive for a day of traveling. I got a call from the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts and am setting up plans for art classes and some more volunteer work. All in all a good day.

Oh, and Norrie found a caterpillar...either a gypsy moth or tent caterpillar (both are not good for plants, unfortunately).


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