Been busy today. Cleaned the kitchen in what seems like the first real cleaning since we've moved here (4! years). I found I could move the little counter we have in the kitchen. When I did, I discovered a thick layer of icky dust (cleaned that up) and then, upon moving the metal shelves found a whole array of stinky things back there. Good grief. So, I did that and Jon was flabbergasted by the change. I also finished painting a two dressers in the gals room.

We, also, just finished cleaning out the rats cage as the warm weather really stunk the place up. Good grief. I'm thinking of moving them into the cool basement but would have to arrange a few things first. I know the rat grrls would love it.

Otherwise, it was a rainy day which is making my ear/wrists hurt. Pressure changes. The little (but very hard to put up) awning that Jon made is working like a charm. We'll probably put on a gutter to help ease the drips to the side. There is another project I want to do with the main gutters. Apparently, you can create a mini-pond/wildlife sanctuary with these. I'm very intrigued by this. Basically, all the run off water goes into a mini-pond (something like 2-3 feet wide and 5 feet long or so) and you put a rock base/wire mesh and a few other things to contain the water. Then, plant a few local plants for water, and voila! Supposedly, this will attract frogs, turtles, birds, and furry critters. Just such a nice idea. Hope we can do this.

Speaking of wildlife, we have a feral cat that has taken to our yard. Birds, chippys, voles, mice, pigeons, etc have all succumbed to this cat. I saw it two weeks ago, hauling off a rather large rabbit...very sad. There has been an unusual amount of bones and stinky spots on the border of our yard. But I must say, we're under control in regards to too many animals. So, I guess it's a good thing. Still, it's disturbing to find only the wings of a pigeon like an angel's wings ripped off. Poor Jon has been appealed to the clean-up task.

It was such a hot day but I knew it would rain and it did. Several down pours with a few hours in-between made the air clean and sweet. Yes, I'm achy all over but it's so much nicer than pure hot of California. Plus, my allergies are under control. Thank God! :)

I was stated I hate cleaning. I said this not because I hate it per say but because I do it so frequently. Lately, I’ve been reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance, and she has written about housekeeping. One thing she mentioned that I thought was very true was to think of housekeeping not as house work but as a hobby. This has given me a totally different perspective and made me feel more at peace with cleaning up, repairing things and finishing my projects.


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